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  • Does It Work? Cyber Clean

    Cyber Clean

    Thursday, May 26 2011 2:25 PM EDT2011-05-26 18:25:59 GMT
    The makers of Cyber Clean call it THE high-tech cleaning compound. They say it catches dirt and harmful particles, removing dust and crumbs, penetrating in cavities and cleaning where conventional cleanersMore >>
  • Does It Work? Open It

    DIW Open It

    Thursday, May 26 2011 2:22 PM EDT2011-05-26 18:22:55 GMT
    The makers of the Open It bottle opener claim their product will help you with the sometimes tricky task of opening up bottles. Stuff like soda bottles or those push and turn pill childproof bottles.More >>
  • Does It Work? Total Pillow

    DIW Total Pillow

    Thursday, May 26 2011 2:21 PM EDT2011-05-26 18:21:44 GMT
    The makers of the Total Pillow call it an amazing, versatile pillow that's great for travel, the office, or home use. They say you can twist, turn and shape the Total Pillow any way you like to useMore >>
  • Does It Work? Bark Off April 2011

    DIW Bark Off April 2011

    Thursday, May 26 2011 2:20 PM EDT2011-05-26 18:20:31 GMT
    The makers of Bark Off claim their product will instantly silence your barking dog, all with the flip of a switch. They claim it can work at a distance of up to 20-feet, all thanks to a high-pitchedMore >>
  • Does It Work? Bumpits March 2011

    DIW Bumpits March 2011

    Thursday, May 26 2011 2:19 PM EDT2011-05-26 18:19:49 GMT
    The makers of Bumpits hair-volumizing leave-in inserts claim their product can take your hair from flat to fabulous in seconds. The self-gripping inserts, they say, let you create dozens of hairstylesMore >>
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