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Is 'Solo' suffering from 'Star Wars' fatigue?

Every new "Star Wars" film brings an excitement that can be felt throughout the galaxy. Yet, this weekend's "Solo: A Star Wars Story" seems to be missing some of the usual galactic hype. More>>

Gas prices are up 31% from last Memorial Day. Here's why

Get ready for sticker shock at the gas station if you're one of the estimated 36 million Americans hitting the roads this Memorial Day weekend. More>>

SoulCycle gives up on an IPO -- for now

SoulCycle, the boutique indoor cycling company, has given up on an IPO. At least for now. More>>

Visa suspends Morgan Freeman campaign after accusations of inappropriate behavior

Visa is suspending its marketing campaign with Morgan Freeman following a CNN investigation that uncovered a pattern of alleged harassment and inappropriate behavior by the actor. More>>

Can diversity training really solve the problem?

On Tuesday, Starbucks stores will close for an afternoon. More>>

Weinstein Co. assets face unclear future under Lantern Capital

The Weinstein Co. produced too much content to completely disappear. But the name that once carried so much weight in Hollywood -- taken from brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein -- is likely to fade from view, while its... More>>

News organizations pull some Facebook ads after new labeling policies

The Financial Times and New York Media, owner of New York magazine, have pulled certain ads from Facebook after the social media giant rolled out new policies for labeling ads about issues deemed political. More>>

US government proposes removal of the so-called 'startup visa'

The Department of Homeland Security has formally proposed to rescind the so-called startup visa, a program that was enacted by the Obama administration. More>>

Many college grads from the Great Recession are still trying to catch up

Nearly a decade after graduating from Michigan State University, Jake Rubin has a good job at a consulting firm and owns a condo in Long Beach, California. Yet, he can't shake the feeling that he'd be doing even better had... More>>

Fiat Chrysler recalls 4.8 million vehicles that could get stuck in cruise control

Fiat Chrysler is recalling 4.8 million vehicles over an issue that could prevent drivers from turning off cruise control. More>>

Russian oligarch quits board of his sanctioned aluminum giant

Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska is distancing himself from his massive aluminum company that's reeling from crippling US sanctions. More>>

Walmart and Target are spending like crazy to stop Amazon

Walmart, Target and Kroger are opening their wallets to fend off Amazon. More>>

LA Times takes down website in Europe as privacy rules bite

Some American news publishers are struggling with Europe's new stringent privacy rules. More>>

Facebook and Google are already facing lawsuits under new data rules

Europe's sweeping data protection law came into force on Friday. And legal experts say big tech companies are already violating the new rules. More>>

Samsonite says it has nothing to hide, but shares plunge again

Samsonite has fired back at an investment firm that accused it of questionable business practices, but its response failed to reassure shareholders. More>>

Anjali Sud was rejected from dozens of investment banks. Now she's the CEO of Vimeo

As a senior at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton business school, Anjali Sud applied to dozens of jobs in investment banking. She didn't get any. More>>

Summit shock fades; Samsonite struggles; Europe's big data day

1. Global market overview: Market sentiment has recovered from the shock news that the United States would not hold a June 12 summit with North Korea to discuss its nuclear weapons program. More>>

Samsonite shares plunge after investment firm questions its business practices

Trading in Samsonite shares was suspended after the world's largest luggage maker was accused by an investment firm of questionable business practices. More>>

For a moment, Netflix was worth more than Disney

For a while on Thursday, Netflix officially ruled the media world. More>>

Trump campaign manager, RNC chair ask social media companies for guarantees they won't censor conservative content

Donald Trump's 2020 campaign and the Republican National Committee are asking Facebook and Twitter for assurances that they will safeguard access to "fair content" and guarantee that conservative voices are not censored or... More>>

How an Alexa speaker recorded and shared a private conversation

Alexa has many talents. Amazon's voice assistant can play music, set timers, order a pizza, and send recordings of private conversations to random people in its users' contact list. More>>

How Starbucks will train its staff to be less biased

Starbucks has planned an elaborate racial bias training session for its employees. More>>

'The Fourth Estate' goes inside New York Times during Trump's first year

"The Fourth Estate" could hardly arrive at a better time, providing a fly-on-the-wall view of the New York Times during the first year of the Trump presidency. Filmmaker Liz Garbus has managed the seemingly impossible,... More>>

Why the auto tariffs would be bad for America

Tariffs on imported autos would be intended to protect the US economy, but they'll probably do more harm than good. More>>

After Russia scandal, Facebook begins labeling political ads

Facebook on Thursday began following a long-held practice of the television and newspaper industry: Labeling political ads. More>>

US car tariffs: Which countries have the most to lose?

The possibility of a new US tax on imports of cars and auto parts is a threat to the global auto industry. More>>

Exxon pledges to slash greenhouse gas emissions

ExxonMobil, a frequent target of climate activists, is pledging to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. More>>

Uber had disabled emergency braking in fatal self-driving crash

A new federal government report provides new details into the circumstances surrounding the death of a pedestrian who was struck by a self-driving Uber in March. More>>

Companies have spent a stunning $2 trillion on mergers so far this year

Merger mania is back with a vengeance this year. Companies have announced more than $2 trillion in deals so far in 2018. More>>

War of the media moguls: Is Comcast's Brian Roberts outflanking Disney's Bob Iger?

Three of the world's most influential media executives are trying to outduel one another for a chance to define the future of the media industry. More>>

Turkey's economy at risk as currency hits record low

Turkey is trying desperately to halt a collapse in its currency that could trigger an economic crisis just as the country prepares to vote in an election. More>>

Dow sinks 250 points after Trump cancels North Korea summit

President Trump's decision to cancel an historic summit with North Korea rattled Wall Street. More>>

How to save $9,000 on your mortgage

I want to buy my first house, but I live in an expensive area and I don't want to end up house poor. What can I do to lower my monthly mortgage payments?—Frank More>>

Best Buy's strong sales leave Wall Street wanting more

Best Buy has proven once again that it's possible for a brick-and-mortar retailer to do well even in a world increasingly dominated by Amazon and online commerce. More>>

If the Golden Knights win the Stanley Cup, Vegas loses money

The Vegas Golden Knights have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. More>>

China fines Muji over Taiwan label on packaging

One of Japan's most iconic retailers has run into trouble in China over the politically sensitive issue of Taiwan. More>>

Uber invests millions to build flying taxis in France

Uber wants to build flying taxis in France. More>>

GE is shrinking its empire but not fixing its debt crisis

John Flannery is on a mission to clean up General Electric's debt mess by further shrinking the conglomerate's empire. More>>

Facebook will push privacy alert to users outside EU ahead of GDPR

Facebook's latest push to educate users about privacy will be unavoidable. More>>

CEO and directors quit sanction-hit Russian aluminum giant

A Russian aluminum giant just lost its CEO and most of its board as it tries to wriggle out of US sanctions. More>>

Too many GDPR emails? Here's some light relief

Your email inbox is likely to be a lot emptier after Friday, when new European data privacy laws come into effect. More>>

Deutsche Bank is cutting more than 7,000 jobs

Germany's biggest bank is slashing more than 7,000 jobs. More>>

Car tariffs threat; Deutsche Bank job cuts; Victoria's Secret slump

1. New tariff talk: President Donald Trump is preparing for a new global trade battle over cars. More>>

US car imports may be the next target for tariffs

President Donald Trump is laying the groundwork for a new global trade battle -- this time over cars. More>>

Will the NFL ban on kneeling boost ratings?

When NFL ratings fell 10% last season, some team owners and fans argued that it was because players were kneeling during the National Anthem. More>>

"If:" The magic word for President Trump's conspiracy theory

In many of President Trump's comments about an alleged "spy" in his presidential campaign, there's a tell. More>>

Uber posts rare profit, sort of

Uber just turned a big profit -- but don't get used to it. More>>

IRS may have just poured cold water on state efforts to skirt SALT deduction cap

Several states this year have moved to let residents circumvent the new $10,000 federal cap on state and local tax deductions. More>>

Elon Musk wants to rate journalists. He'd call his site 'Pravda'

Elon Musk, a frequent media darling, is going on the attack against the media. More>>

Victoria's Secret customers are buying bras online ... and that's a problem

Victoria's Secret customers are shopping online, but it's not doing the company much good. More>>

Congress gives new hope for those who didn't qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Some student loan borrowers will get another chance to qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. More>>

Trump can't block users on Twitter, federal judge rules

A federal judge in New York ruled Wednesday that President Trump is in violation of the Constitution when he blocks users on Twitter. More>>

Facebook's controversial 'revenge porn' pilot program is coming to the US, UK

Facebook's controversial pilot program to cut down on the spread of revenge porn is rolling out to more countries with a slightly revised process. More>>

How should I invest my nest egg for maximum retirement Income?

I'm in my mid 60s and have about $1.2 million I would like to invest for the maximum income possible for the rest of my life. I don't care for stocks or bonds because I hate the idea of seeing the value of my savings drop... More>>

The Fed isn't sweating inflation ... yet

Inflation may be creeping higher. But the Federal Reserve isn't worried about it -- yet. More>>

Uber shuts down self-driving operations in Arizona

Uber is closing down its self-driving car operation in Arizona. More>>

The three biggest risks to global investors

Investors should watch out for three big risks as they enter into the second half of the year. More>>

Amazon asked to stop selling facial recognition technology to police

More than two dozen civil rights organizations are calling on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to stop selling its facial recognition technology to the government, according to a letter made public Tuesday by the ACLU. More>>

Revlon names its first female CEO in its 86-year history

Debra Perelman has been appointed the first female Chief Executive Officer of Revlon, a company that's majority owned by her billionaire father, Ronald Perelman. More>>

Salesforce Tower is now San Francisco's tallest building

The tech industry has radically reshaped the city of San Francisco, from pouring investments into local public schools to gentrification and shared scooters littering street corners. More>>

The battle to save sugary cereal

Kellogg is digging into its bag of tricks to get Americans excited about cereal again. More>>

EPA again blocks journalists from attending summit: 'They ain't doing the CNN stuff'

The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday barred journalists for the second consecutive day from attending a national summit focused on water contaminants, telling reporters from CNN and other news organizations... More>>

CBS, in new filing, calls Shari Redstone as a 'substantial threat' to the company

The legal war over the future of CBS Corporation is beginning to take shape. More>>

Tiffany's booming sales send stock soaring

It looks like consumers around the world are having breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert at Tiffany's. More>>

Apple now lets Europeans download all the data it holds on them

European customers can now find out exactly what kind of data Apple holds on them. More>>

Comcast preparing to top Disney's bid for Fox

Comcast's plans to bid for Fox are almost official. More>>

Tesla is cutting prices in China

Tesla cars are getting cheaper in China. More>>

Germany's second biggest city is starting to ban diesel cars

Hamburg is about to become the first city in Europe to implement a partial ban on diesel vehicles to cut pollution. More>>

Target's shift to digital is painful

Good news for Target: Online sales are booming. Bad news for Target: It's spending so much to play catch up to Amazon that it's hurting its profits. More>>

Tesla's Model 3 isn't really for the mass market. It's a luxury car

The Tesla Model 3, with its starting price of $35,000, was supposed to be the car that brought electric driving to the masses. More>>

10 McDonald's employees allege sexual harassment

Ten female Mcdonald's current and former employees have filed sexual harassment complaints against the company over the past week. More>>

Dodd-Frank rollback; Zuckerberg upsets Europe; Emerging markets pain

1. Dodd-Frank rollback: The US Congress on Tuesday approved a bill aimed at loosening regulations covering thousands of banks. The financial crisis era rules -- called the Dodd-Frank Act -- were designed to make banks safer. More>>

Lawmakers take first step in stopping a Trump deal with ZTE

A Senate panel on Tuesday said it would not accept efforts by President Donald Trump to ease sanctions on Chinese smartphone maker ZTE. More>>

Facebook now requires your Social Security number to buy political ads

Facebook users in the United States who want to run certain ads on the platform will need to hand over the last four digits of their social security number and a picture of a government-issued ID. More>>

Congress just made credit freezes free

You will soon be able to freeze your credit report for free, a step that can help protect you from identity theft. More>>

40% Of Americans can't cover a $400 emergency expense

Can you cover an unexpected $400 expense? More>>

Analysis: China is playing the long game against Trump

China knows what it's doing in negotiations with President Donald Trump on trade. More>>

Musk says Tesla will fix Model 3 problems that sparked negative review

Stung by a negative review of the Model 3 by Consumer Reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is promising to fix problems cited by the magazine. More>>

Millennials born in 1980s may never recover from the Great Recession

Some Millennials may never get over the Great Recession. More>>

Distrust in self-driving cars on the rise after crashes, AAA says

Recent crashes have shaken the public's confidence in self-driving cars. More>>

EPA blocks CNN and Associated Press journalists from attending Pruitt speech

The Environmental Protection Agency blocked reporters from several news outlets from a national summit on Tuesday where Scott Pruitt, the agency's chief, was speaking. More>>

Mark Zuckerberg ripped by European Parliament for dodging questions

Mark Zuckerberg's big European test did not go well. More>>

Is the economy about to slow down?

America's cruising economy is about to hit a speed bump, says Darius Dale, a senior macro analyst with investment research firm Hedgeye Risk Management. More>>

New report highlights massive pay gap between CEOs and typical workers

CEOs have always earned much more than the average worker - but a new report highlights just how large that pay gap has become. More>>

Tiny but mighty, small US companies are beating bigger rivals

Size may be overrated when it comes to US stocks, because investors clearly prefer small companies over big ones this year. More>>

American banks had their most profitable quarter ever

American banks are hauling in record-setting profits just as Congress prepares to cut regulations. More>>

GE can't get rid of its light bulb business

General Electric has been linked to the light bulb for the past 126 years. Now, GE is having a hard time getting rid of it. More>>

Royal wedding guests are selling their goody bags online for as much as $10,000

The guests at Saturday's wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got to witness royal history in the making -- and now they can make some cash from it too. More>>

China slashes tariffs on imported cars

China is cutting the tariffs it charges on imported cars, giving a potential boost to foreign automakers in the world's largest market. More>>

45% Of tax filers will owe nothing in federal income taxes this year

It's always a little surprising. In good times and bad, at least 75 million US households have ended up owing nothing in federal income taxes in recent years. More>>

Beloved British retailer closing 100 stores

The disintegration of the traditional British retail landscape has slammed another much-loved store. More>>

Instagram will soon let you mute annoying accounts

Instagram is taking a subtle but bold step to quiet your loud friends. More>>

JCPenney CEO leaves for Lowe's

Lowe's has tapped JCPenney CEO Marvin Ellison as its new chief executive. More>>

How businesses are really spending their tax cuts

President Donald Trump's tax law was sold as a transformative overhaul that would unlock an ocean of money Corporate America could spend on job-creating investments. More>>

NYSE gets its first woman boss

The New York Stock Exchange is about to be run by a woman for the first time in its 226-year history. More>>

How to watch Zuckerberg testify at the European Parliament

Mark Zuckerberg will be grilled by European lawmakers at 12 p.m. ET on Tuesday. More>>

China cuts car tariffs; Zuckerberg in Brussels; Italy's new candidate

1. China cuts car tariffs: China announced Tuesday it will cut import tariffs on passenger cars from 25% to 15%, its latest step to further open its huge economy. More>>

Sony is paying $2.3 billion for Kanye West music publisher EMI

Sony is spending more than $2 billion to take control of a major music publishing company that owns the rights to songs by artists like Kanye West and Alicia Keys. More>>

Former Seth Rich family spokesman files lawsuit against individuals, media outlet he says defamed him

The Democratic communications consultant who volunteered as the spokesperson for the family of Seth Rich, the slain Democratic National Committee staffer whose unsolved murder became the basis for conspiracy theories,... More>>

Bratz maker gives up on Toys 'R' Us

The billionaire behind Bratz and Little Tikes toys is waving the white flag. More>>

Former employee sues Uber for sexual harassment, discrimination

A former Uber software engineer is suing the company over claims that she experienced sexual harassment, racial discrimination and pay inequity while working there. More>>

Starbucks' new all-are-welcome policy: Now what?

Starbucks in recent days made it official: "Any customer is welcome" to spend time in its stores and use the restroom, even if they don't buy anything. More>>

Facebook wants to make changing your privacy settings less work

Facebook is supposed to be a fun way to waste some time, but taking a break from "liking" status updates to customize your privacy settings is a chore. More>>

Trouble in Big Food: America's cereal, soda and soup companies are in turmoil

America's cereal, soda and soup companies are having a rough 2018. More>>

Netflix announces multi-year production deal with the Obamas

Barack and Michelle Obama will work both in front of and behind the camera in a multi-year production deal with Netflix. More>>

Interview Magazine, founded by Andy Warhol, shuts down

Interview Magazine, the fabled publication originally founded by Andy Warhol, is closing up shop. More>>

After CNN report, lawmakers want answers from Uber, Lyft on sexual assaults

Lawmakers are demanding answers from ridesharing companies about sexual violence on their platforms. More>>

Consumer Reports: Tesla Model 3 not good enough to recommend

The Tesla Model 3 is not good enough to earn a recommendation from Consumer Reports, the magazine said. While the car is exciting to drive, difficult controls and weak brakes prevented it from getting the publication's... More>>

Mark Zuckerberg to testify in Europe: What to watch for

Mark Zuckerberg is set to testify before the European Parliament on Tuesday, and the Facebook CEO is likely to face tough questioning. More>>

GE's latest sale: Its 111-year-old rail business

General Electric is giving up full control of its century-old rail division as the conglomerate's empire continues to shrink. More>>

Analysis: 3 tough questions after US-China trade truce

The United States and China have hit pause on a potential trade war. Now comes the hard part. More>>

Comcast just got one step closer to buying British broadcaster Sky

Comcast is on the cusp of getting approval from the UK government to buy British broadcaster Sky for £22 billion ($31 billion). The approval will bring the American company a step closer to scooping up a valuable... More>>

Dow soars 350 points as US-China trade tensions cool

The trade spat between the United States and China is "on hold," according to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. But investors weren't on hold Monday. They were buying like there was no tomorrow. More>>

'Bad Blood' explores the culture inside disgraced startup Theranos

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes was once lauded as the youngest self-made female billionaire. But her net worth was revised down to nothing after a journalist started digging into the technology behind her blood testing... More>>

How much should you pay for college?

Students entering college this year could pay more than $190,000 for a bachelor's degree. Meanwhile, others will pay next to nothing. More>>

Royal wedding: 29 million people in US tuned to watch Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry

Move over, "The Bachelor." The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle -- now the duke and duchess of Sussex -- was a huge ratings draw. More>>

Why ESPN is going big on basketball

ESPN is doubling down on basketball content. For good reason. Millennials love basketball. More>>

Mark Zuckerberg agrees to a live stream of his European Parliament testimony

Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to have his testimony in the European Parliament Tuesday live streamed, after pressure from senior European officials. More>>

Ryanair braces for first profit drop in 5 years

Ryanair is warning investors to brace for the impact of higher fuel prices and rising staff costs. More>>

What is GDPR? Everything you need to know about Europe's new data law

A revolution in how companies handle your personal information is happening. More>>

US and China call a ceasefire in trade dispute

After weeks of tensions, China and the United States have reached a ceasefire. More>>

Trade ceasefire; Ryanair profits jump; Italy in the spotlight

1. China-US trade ceasefire: The world's top two economies have agreed not impose new tariffs on one another while trade talks continue. More>>

Starbucks: You don't need to buy anything to hang out in our stores

Starbucks stores are now open to all - no purchase necessary. More>>

Elon Musk: The amped-up version of Tesla's Model 3 will cost $78,000

Elon Musk just laid out plans for the superfast version of the Tesla Model 3. More>>

Kellyanne Conway on leaks: It's a few people trying to 'settle personal scores'

Kellyanne Conway thinks the problem of White House leaks has been greatly exaggerated, even though a large amount of news coverage has been built around leaked comments by White House staffers. More>>

'Deadpool 2' topples 'Avengers: Infinity War' at the box office

The box office reign of "Avengers: Infinity War" has come to an end thanks to a raunchy mercenary. More>>

Tax cut sparks record-setting $178 billion buyback boom

1. It's raining buybacks: Corporate America is throwing a record-setting party for shareholders. More>>

'SNL' turns Donald Trump into Tony Soprano for season finale

President Trump and Tony Soprano have the same taste in music, according to "Saturday Night Live." More>>

Some news outlets want exemption from Facebook's new ad rules

Facebook's plan to create an archive of ads about political issues that could include news articles "dangerously blurs the lines between real reporting and propaganda," a group representing some of the news industry said... More>>

Judge dismisses lawsuit by former Fox News host who accused network of illegal surveillance

A federal judge in New York has thrown out a lawsuit brought by a former Fox News host who accused the network of illegal electronic surveillance and online harassment. More>>

Website flaw exposed real-time location for millions of cell phones, experts say

Cybersecurity experts say a recently discovered website flaw could have allowed virtually anyone to access real-time location data for millions of Americans' cell phones. More>>

To stay competitive, US call centers are training workers to be super agents

Manufacturing isn't the only sector that has sent American jobs overseas over the past decade. More>>

EU fights back to neutralize US sanctions against Iran

Europe is fighting back against President Donald Trump's attempt to isolate Iran with new rules aimed at protecting European companies from US sanctions. More>>

Elon Musk promises $1 rides in LA transit tunnels

Elon Musk is pushing for public support of his tunneling endeavor as questions swirl about the merits of the project. More>>

Former Obama adviser: Everyone deserves a chance at a first-rate education

From emerging economies to the boardroom, Peter Henry has mastered the financial world from many angles. More>>

How streaming has changed the way networks court advertisers

Amid changes to their business models and competition from streaming services, networks presenting at the 2018 upfronts actually opted for more familiar, old-school approaches to their programming. More>>

The boss of Bratz tried to merge with Mattel. Mattel said no thanks

Bratz and Barbie as BFFs: It was the latest unconventional idea from an unconventional toy mogul. More>>

Fox News says top executive is on leave, but she has quietly kept working

A top Fox News executive who has been named in harassment lawsuits over allegations she helped foster a hostile work environment, and whose activities are reportedly being probed by federal investigators, continues to... More>>

'Deadpool' franchise is a box office rarity: An R-rated hit

Analysts are predicting that "Deadpool 2" will have a big opening at around $130 million this weekend, but that's hardly news these days considering the string of successful Marvel superhero films like "Black Panther" and... More>>

The first holographic smartphone will be released later this year

Sure, you have a fancy iPhone X or Pixel 2 that can take amazing photographs and handle even the most graphics-heavy games. But does it have holograms? More>>

It's not just you: Everything really is getting more expensive

You're not imagining things: Prices are creeping up. More>>

China proposes buying $200 billion of American goods, US officials say

China is stepping up its efforts to avoid a trade war with the United States. More>>

Pro sports ownership is still a white men's club

The three biggest US sports leagues have just six people of color as principal owners. More>>

What is the perfect price for oil?

Is there a perfect price for oil? More>>

Why some retailers are winning and some are losing

Nordstrom is the latest big American retailer to report sluggish sales growth. More>>

Once a teenage runaway, he now owns a $300 million restaurant empire

When Cameron Mitchell had his life-changing epiphany at the age of 19, he had pretty much hit rock-bottom. He had dropped out of high school, he was living with his mom and he was working two restaurants jobs in order to... More>>

Royal wedding: Media tries to catch bouquet with blanket coverage

Royal Weddings are a big deal. They're not necessarily important in the bigger scheme of things, but they capture the imagination of many people, which is more than enough reason to cover it, without embarrassment or apology. More>>

India is freaking out about rising oil prices

A spike in oil prices has the world's third largest consumer of energy worried. More>>

Europe's next crisis? Populists agree budget-busting plan for Italy

Populists are on the verge of forming a new government in Italy, the third biggest economy in the eurozone. More>>

Campbell Soup CEO retires, leaving 23 women running Fortune 500 companies

Denise Morrison, the CEO of Campbell Soup since 2011, abruptly announced her retirement Friday, effective immediately. More>>

PayPal buys Swedish startup iZettle for $2.2 billion

PayPal just clinched its biggest-ever takeover. More>>

Oil price worries; PayPal's big deal; China-US trade

1. Oil spikes again: US crude futures hit their highest levels since late 2014 on Friday, trading at $71.60 per barrel. Prices of Brent crude, the international benchmark, topped $80 per barrel Thursday. More>>

Pacific: Elon Musk vs. the world

Elon Musk's frustrations with reporters and analysts are boiling over onto his Twitter feed and earnings calls, highlighting a shift in relations between the Iron Man and those who have historically afforded him hero status. More>>

CBS crisis comes to a head as Moonves and Redstone fight for network's future

We're in the middle of a tug of war over the future of CBS Corporation. With a pivotal vote on Thursday, the CBS board of directors chose sides. More>>

Media outlets take Trump out of context to suggest he called undocumented immigrants 'animals'

Several news organizations took remarks President Donald Trump made Wednesday out of context to suggest he was referring to undocumented immigrants at large as "animals," when in context it appears the President was likely... More>>

Is the 1-minute commercial break the future of TV?

This week, Fox outlined its big promise to advertisers ahead of the upcoming TV season: less will really be more. More>>

Why Millennials aren't feeling the boom in household wealth

Households are wealthier than ever. But if you're a Millennial or have a low credit score, you probably don't feel any richer. More>>

China approves sale of Toshiba's chip unit to group led by Bain Capital

China has approved the sale of Toshiba's prized chip unit to a group of investors led by the private equity firm Bain Capital. More>>

WWE soars on report of lucrative new TV deals

The WWE body slammed naysayers on Thursday. More>>

How the losing Amazon HQ2 cities can still win

Only one city will win Amazon's second headquarters. But other cities can still benefit from the process. More>>

Walmart's online sales grow 33%

Walmart's online sales are growing and Americans still flood into its stores. More>>

Can I start investing with $500?

I have $500 I want to invest. I know it's not much, but where can I begin? -Curtis, 37 More>>

On anniversary of Mueller appointment, Giuliani and Fox News keep swinging

For the past 12 months, Robert Mueller has taken every shot from President Trump and his media boosters -- but the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election goes on. More>>

Suzanne Scott makes history as Fox News' first female CEO

Fox News has a new CEO, Suzanne Scott, marking the first time a woman has run the cable news network. More>>

Harry and Meghan: Don't send gifts, buy sanitary pads for Indian women

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have ditched the traditional wedding gift registry. Instead, they're suggesting people donate to a charity that makes affordable sanitary pads for women in India. More>>

Wells Fargo altered documents about business clients

Wells Fargo recently discovered that some workers altered documents about business customers, raising new concerns about the embattled bank's internal system of checks-and-balances. More>>

Are electric cars more likely to catch fire?

Another headline about a fiery Tesla crash has people wondering if those lithium ion batteries are safe. More>>

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