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Why 3% is the scariest number for stocks

1. Bond jitters persist: One number threatens to derail the stock market comeback. More>>

Why companies are abandoning the NRA

The aftermath of a mass shooting in America is tragically familiar. After the shock and grief, advocates push lawmakers to pass stricter gun laws. The NRA stands its ground. Nothing really changes. More>>

NBC's $12 billion investment in the Olympics is looking riskier

In 2011, NBC paid a total of $4.38 billion for the rights to the next four Olympics. Three years later it bought another six for $7.7 billion. At the time, the deals looked to many like a sure thing. Now, they have started... More>>

Delta and United join list of companies to cut ties with the NRA

Two major airlines. A cybersecurity firm. Six car rental brands. A home security company. An Omaha bank. Companies have scrambled to cut ties with the National Rifle Association over the past couple of days, and the list... More>>

Bank of America wants to talk to its customers who make guns

Bank of America wants to talk to gun makers about assault weapons. More>>

Warren Buffett beat the hedge funds. Here's how

One decade ago, Warren Buffett took a $1 million wager that stashing money in an index fund would make you richer than if you entrusted it with hedge fund managers. More>>

Warren Buffett's annual letter: Berkshire got a $29 billion gift from new tax code

Warren Buffett published his annual letter on Saturday, and it came with some of the usual trimmings: sage advice and reflections on the past year's success. More>>

As the Olympics end, South Korea asks: Was the cost worth it?

Over 100 events, nearly 3,000 athletes, more than 300 medals -- and a check for $13 billion. More>>

A cloud hangs over the gun industry

Stocks in gun companies have been dragged lower by a cloud of negativity after last week's mass shooting at a Florida high school, which continues to dominate public debate. More>>

Warren Buffett is retiring from Kraft Heinz board

Warren Buffett is retiring from the board of directors of Kraft Heinz, a subsidiary of his company Berkshire Hathaway. More>>

Gun safety groups want Apple TV and Amazon Fire to pull NRATV

Two gun safety groups want Apple, Amazon, Google and Roku to remove the NRA's online video channel from their streaming platforms. More>>

The real mastermind behind Peter Thiel's battle with Gawker

A new book about billionaire Peter Thiel's war against Gawker includes an explosive revelation about the real mastermind behind Bollea v. Gawker, the lawsuit that bankrupted the influential media company founded by Nick... More>>

Major Chinese auto exec takes stake in Daimler

The chairman of a Chinese automaker has taken a 10% stake in German automaker Daimler AG. More>>

General Mills to buy Blue Buffalo pet food for $8 billion

General Mills, which is best known for cereal brands like Cheerios and Wheaties, is branching into the fast-growing pet food business with a multi-billion dollar acquisition. More>>

Tesla, GM buyers to lose $7,500 tax credit within a year

Time is running out for buyers of some of the best-selling plug-in vehicles to get a $7,500 federal tax credit with their purchase. More>>

Waymo wants to prevent puking in self-driving cars

Waymo wants to make sure you never get sick in self-driving cars. More>>

The Kylie Jenner curse? Snapchat faces its defining moment

Evan Spiegel became a billionaire by proving people wrong. More>>

Citigroup will refund $330 million to credit card customers it overcharged

Some Citigroup credit card holders might be getting a chunk of change. More>>

Dropbox files for a $500 million IPO

Another tech unicorn is ready for Wall Street. More>>

Are rubber bands putting American jobs at risk? Trump trade team is investigating

The Trump administration wants to determine whether foreign-made rubber bands pose a risk to American workers. More>>

Gothamist, DCist and LAist are coming back from their sudden deaths

Four months after their billionaire owner shut them down, beloved local news sites Gothamist, DCist and LAist will soon be back online. More>>

Uber CEO: Trump is ruining America's most valuable brand

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has lived the American Dream. Now he thinks President Trump is ruining it. More>>

Plastic straw makers brace for bans

Plastic straw manufacturers are bracing for big changes. The tide is turning against their product. More>>

Democrats push CFPB's Mulvaney's on payday lending

Three Senate Democrats are demanding the head of a consumer watchdog bureau to explain why he plans to weaken protections that guard against payday lenders. More>>

Treasury secretary says we can get paid more and prices won't rise. Well...

It would be music to Americans' ears: We get paid more, but prices don't go up as much. (Hello Yankees season tickets!) More>>

Trump Jr. had 'a good week' in India. Here's why

Donald Trump Jr.'s whirlwind tour of India took in four cities, three dinners with real estate clients and an appearance at a high-profile conference. It's also been good for business. More>>

Winter Olympics: Six TV takeaways from NBC's performance

The Winter Olympics are nearly over, bringing with them the customary biennial status check on the viability of the Games and the enduring health of network TV's aging business model. More>>

Trump administration cracks down H-1B visa abuse

The Trump administration is cracking down on companies that get visas for foreign workers and farm them out to employers. More>>

Brazil sinks deeper into junk debt status

Brazil is struggling to prove that it's cleaning up corruption and fixing its economy. More>>

No, Dana Loesch, members of the media do not 'love' mass shootings

After a week on the defensive, the National Rifle Association is trying to shift blame to the media, making journalists play defense instead. More>>

KFC apologizes for chicken shortage with a hilarious hidden message

KFC has issued a high-profile, humorous apology for its chicken shortages in the U.K. More>>

How does KFC run out of chicken?

Quest's Profitable Moment More>>

BMW plans to build electric Minis in China

Mini production is moving out east. More>>

First National Bank of Omaha will stop issuing NRA Visa card

First National Bank of Omaha said it will stop issuing an NRA-branded Visa card as the national debate over guns reaches a fever pitch. More>>

China seizes control of insurer that owns the Waldorf Astoria

The Chinese government has seized control of a deal-hungry insurance firm that owns major assets in the U.S. including the Waldorf Astoria, and is prosecuting the company's chairman. More>>

China's big conglomerates are no longer buying up the world

The party is over for some of China's most acquisitive companies. More>>

A decade at RBS: $81 billion lost; $1 billion made

At last! The Royal Bank of Scotland has turned a profit for the first time in a decade. More>>

Asia wants some of Trump's infrastructure billions

The US isn't the only place where big investment in infrastructure is sorely needed. More>>

Big stock swings; Cinemark earnings; Beijing grabs Waldorf Astoria

1. Market movers -- Tech, banks, airlines: There have been few dull moments in the markets this month, and Friday's no exception. More>>

Snapchat stock loses $1.3 billion after Kylie Jenner tweet

Kylie Jenner is not happy about Snapchat's new redesign. More>>

Betsy DeVos may make it easier for student loan borrowers in bankruptcy

The Department of Education may make it easier for people filing for bankruptcy to get out of their student loans. More>>

Year after coronation, Breitbart has diminished presence at CPAC

Last year's edition of the Conservative Political Action Conference served as something of a coronation for Breitbart. The conference's lineup was littered with the website's writers. Steve Bannon, Breitbart's former... More>>

For self-driving cars, car washes are a nightmare

The most cutting-edge cars on the planet require an old-fashioned handwashing. More>>

It's getting more expensive to buy a home

Here's some more bad news for home buyers: It's getting even more expensive to buy a home. More>>

BlackRock has questions for gun companies after Florida massacre

BlackRock has some questions for gun companies about their response to the school shooting in Florida. More>>

The persistence of Parkland: How the Florida shooting stayed in the media spotlight

Seven days after a horrific shooting claimed the lives of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the front pages of some of the nation's largest newspapers are still featuring stories about gun control and... More>>

SpaceX launches demo satellites for its high-speed internet project

Elon Musk's goal of delivering high-speed internet to the world just got a little closer to reality. More>>

Airbnb adds fancier rental options and loyalty program

Airbnb is adding more lodging types to its site, such as boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, and high-end rentals. More>>

Nasdaq wants to boot iced tea maker for taking advantage of bitcoin craze

Nasdaq wants to boot an iced tea maker off its exchange for allegedly trying to fool investors caught up in the cryptocurrency mania. More>>

Sturm Ruger has cut 700 jobs in the last year

The drop in gun sales has lead to deep job cuts at Sturm Ruger More>>

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel made $638 million last year

Snapchat may have struggled during its first year as a public company, but you wouldn't know it from the CEO's pay. More>>

The fight for Sharpie and Yankee Candle

An $18 billion case of buyer's remorse is gripping the conglomerate that makes Sharpie, Yankee Candle and Elmer's glue. More>>

Trump administration seeks to require more people to work for food stamps

The Trump administration wants more food stamp recipients to work for their benefits. More>>

Sturm Ruger has cut 700 jobs in the last year due to plunging gun sales

The drop in gun sales has lead to deep job cuts at Sturm Ruger More>>

Venezuelan refugee crisis adds to Colombia's growing challenges

Colombia was once the rising economic star of Latin America. Now it has a long list of challenges — and the latest is an unprecedented refugee crisis. More>>

Consumer Reports: Chevy Bolt Best Small Green Car

The Chevrolet Bolt EV got a strong head start against the Tesla Model 3 in the marketplace and now it has an early nod from Consumer Reports magazine which named the Bolt its "Top Pick" among small hybrids and electric cars. More>>

Margaret Brennan named host of CBS' 'Face the Nation'

Margaret Brennan will succeed John Dickerson as the moderator of "Face The Nation," CBS announced on Thursday. More>>

S&P frets over Gibson Guitars' debt problem

Iconic American guitar manufacturer Gibson is facing some financial blues. More>>

Tax law, bonuses and raises: 5 things you need to know

The White House estimates that so far nearly 4.6 million workers will get direct benefit from the new tax law through their employers. More>>

Cryptojackers are hacking websites to mine cryptocurrencies

Hackers have a new trick up their sleeves: hijacking computers to generate digital coins. More>>

Subway has a new loyalty program to turn around its slumping sales

Subway is launching a new rewards program to win back customers. More>>

Net neutrality rules will officially end on April 23

The end of net neutrality is officially set to come this spring. More>>

Hedge fund billionaire: 70% chance of recession before 2020 election

The roaring American economy will probably sink into a recession before President Trump stands for re-election in 2020. More>>

Ex-Google engineer: I was fired for pushing back on discrimination

A former Google engineer is accusing the company of firing him after he spoke out about incidents of racism, sexism and harassment. More>>

He can afford to pay off his student debt faster. But should he?

I have a student loan with a balance of $95,000 that has an interest rate of 2.4% over 20 years. I save at least 18% of each paycheck for retirement and only pay the minimum on my student loan balance. If I have money left... More>>

3M and H&M probe claim they used Chinese prison labor

Three big Western companies are investigating allegations that prisoners in China made packaging bearing their brand names. More>>

Crash landing: Angry Birds maker plummets 54% since IPO

Shares in the maker of Angry Birds have lost half their value since they listed on the stock market last October. More>>

Amazon hits $1,500 for the first time ever

Amazon is unstoppable right now. More>>

Stock markets dip; Diesel ban ruling; Tobacco company suffers

1. Negative sentiment takes hold: US stock futures are pointing down again, indicating it could be another negative day on Wall Street. More>>

The opioid crisis is draining America's workforce

A pack of cigarettes sits on top of a Buffalo Wild Wings application on the kitchen table in front of Mike Harsanyi. After six years struggling with heroin addiction and two spells in prison, Harsanyi has been living in a... More>>

Trump set the tone for a year of 'hate-filled rhetoric', Amnesty says

The US government's polarizing decision to ban travel from six Muslim-majority countries set the tone for a year of "hate-filled rhetoric" that fanned the flames of bigotry and persecution, Amnesty International alleged in... More>>

Sturm Ruger says gun sales plunged

Sturm Ruger on Wednesday reported double-digit drops in gun sales and earnings for the quarter and the year. More>>

With last-minute cancellation of Gateway Pundit founder, drama once again unfolds ahead of CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference hasn't even started and a snafu is once again stealing the limelight ahead of the annual event. More>>

NBC's Winter Olympics ratings down but not exactly on thin ice

NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, has been hit by a ratings drop half way through the games' two-week run, but digital consumption has made it difficult to measure true viewership success. More>>

All signs point to more Fed rate hikes in 2018

Federal Reserve officials are increasingly optimistic about U.S. economic growth this year, leaving them on course to lift interest rates further. More>>

Tech's biggest companies are spreading conspiracy theories. Again.

The most common line in Silicon Valley right now may be: We'll try to do better next time. More>>

Twitter is trying to crack down on spam bots

Twitter says it is taking new steps to cripple spam bots on its platform. More>>

Ford's president of North America is out over 'inappropriate behavior'

Raj Nair, Ford's president of North America, is out after an internal investigation into reports of "inappropriate behavior." More>>

Judge says state can't force IMDB to take down actors' ages

A federal judge has blocked a California law that would have forced IMDB to take down actors' ages on request. More>>

Mass shootings don't boost gun sales anymore. Here's why

Mass shootings like the Florida tragedy that left 17 dead typically prompt a jump in gun sales, because buyers worry about tougher gun control. More>>

Snapchat responds to users critical of redesign: 'We hear you'

Snapchat is tweaking its platform in response to backlash against its newly redesigned app. More>>

WhatsApp cofounder invests $50 million into encrypted messaging app Signal

Signal is getting a boost from a billionaire tech founder with a history of bringing secure messaging to the masses. More>>

GE no longer wants a hasty divorce from Baker Hughes

General Electric isn't planning a hasty divorce from oil services giant Baker Hughes after all. More>>

U.S. women's hockey: From fighting for better pay to fighting for gold

The U.S. Women's Hockey team hasn't won gold since the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. More>>

Bill Gates flunks Ellen's grocery shopping challenge

Bill Gates is a genius. But he doesn't know much about grocery prices. More>>

Stelter: How to clean up the conspiracy theory 'pollution' that's making us all sick

In the real world, the funerals continue for victims of the Florida school shooting. In the virtual world, the survivors are the subject of relentless attacks. More>>

Why tech secrets, not steel, could cause the real clash between the U.S. and China

Steel and aluminum tariffs aren't the only explosive trade issue between the United States and China. More>>

Coal country shouldn't count on a Trump-fueled comeback

President Trump has backed up his vow to revive coal by toppling Obama-era environmental rules, by attempting a coal rescue plan and by promising to yank the United States out of the Paris climate accord. More>>

JPMorgan Chase plans new Manhattan headquarters

JPMorgan Chase is building new headquarters in an old spot. More>>

As DACA debate continues, these Dreamers are saving lives

If Congress fails to reach a deal on immigration in the next couple of weeks, thousands of young people who were brought to this country as children could soon start losing their protection from deportation and their... More>>

UK unemployment rises for first time since Brexit vote

Britain has registered its first rise in unemployment since the Brexit referendum in 2016. More>>

Many Volkswagen workers will get 45 vacation days

It's a good time to be a German autoworker. More>>

Amazon and Whole Foods. CVS and Aetna. A scorecard of the biggest deals

CVS and Aetna. Amazon and Whole Foods. And now, Albertsons and Rite Aid. More>>

A massive US farming industry fears China trade trouble

One of America's biggest farming industries fears it could find itself in China's cross hairs if President Trump keeps ramping up trade tensions between the world's two largest economies. More>>

The unpaid work that always falls to women

Women work more than men — but often, they're working for free. More>>

Canada wants to help India lead 'blockchain revolution'

India and Canada are linking up to promote the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. More>>

Uber Express is like a minibus with cheaper rides

Uber's new carpooling service may rival the city bus. More>>

Control AI now or brace for nightmare future, experts warn

Rogue states, criminals and terrorists could use artificial intelligence to wreak havoc around the world, according to a new report. More>>

Oil under pressure; Fed minutes; U.K. jobs

1. Oil drops: U.S. crude futures fell as much as 1.4% early Wednesday. More>>

AT&T names first three cities to get its ultra-fast 5G network

The promise of faster mobile service is finally getting on the map later this year -- and it's headed south. More>>

Newsweek publishes critical piece on company after staffers threaten to resign

Late Monday night Newsweek's acting editor-in-chief, four senior editors and two reporters were ready to quit. After months of drama at the magazine, including a raid by the Manhattan District Attorney's office, the abrupt... More>>

Alibaba bets on Olympics to make it a household name

Alibaba is ready to compete on the world stage. More>>

Tavis Smiley sues PBS, saying sexual misconduct investigation was biased

Tavis Smiley filed a lawsuit against PBS on Tuesday, saying that the organization used allegations of sexual misconduct against him as a pretext to end a "tense" relationship. More>>

The U.S. is picking a fight with its biggest creditor

It's a strange time to pick a fight with your biggest lender. More>>

The unwitting: The Trump supporters used by Russia

A Donald Trump supporter who unwittingly helped a Kremlin-linked operation to meddle in American politics says he only learned of his part in the Russian plot when the FBI showed up at his doorstep months later. More>>

3M will pay $850 million in Minnesota to end water pollution case

3M is paying $850 million to end a years-long lawsuit claiming it contaminated water in its home state of Minnesota. More>>

Judge blocks AT&T's request to see White House communications about Time Warner deal

The judge overseeing the Justice Department's lawsuit to block AT&T's purchase of Time Warner has rejected the telecom company's request for the communications records between the White House and the Attorney General and... More>>

Facebook to use postcards in anti-election meddling effort

Facebook's efforts to prevent people from using its platform to meddle in U.S. politics will rely in part on one very low-tech tool: postcards. More>>

WeShop? WeWork preps a retail push

WeWork has built a billion-dollar business by convincing professionals to pay for decked out coworking spaces and a sense of community. More>>

Kendrick Lamar's 'Black Panther' album is a hit - and it could change the music industry

"Black Panther" is a bonafide box office smash, and its soundtrack is tearing up the charts, too. More>>

NBA's Adam Silver: Two decisions that defined my tenure

Adam Silver became NBA Commissioner in February 2014. More>>

Democrats demand Equifax extend protection for consumers

Democrats are pressing Equifax to offer more protection to millions of Americans after last year's massive data breach. More>>

BP: Demand for oil could peak by late 2030s

The world's thirst for oil may finally be quenched. More>>

Walmart's worst day since 1988 drags down the Dow

The stock market's six-day winning streak is over. More>>

Why Coke is winning the cola wars

It's been a long time since PepsiCo just sold Pepsi and Coca-Cola just sold Coke. More>>

Donald Trump Jr. dismisses ethics concerns in India

Donald Trump Jr. dismissed suggestions that his family is profiting from his father's presidency on the first day of a tour of India to promote luxury apartments. More>>

'Black Panther' crushes box office records in opening weekend

"Black Panther" continued its roaring start at the box office on Monday. More>>

Guess co-founder steps aside amid Kate Upton allegations

Guess co-founder Paul Marciano has stepped down from the company amid accusations that he once groped supermodel Kate Upton. More>>

Trump administration unveils alternative to Obamacare

Americans will soon have one more alternative to Obamacare, thanks to the Trump administration. More>>

How to keep your kids from being ignorant with money

If you have kids you know you're on the hook for their spending, at least for a while. What you might not know is that you're also on the hook for their financial education, too. More>>

The fight over razor, diaper and shampoo prices

Razor, diaper and shampoo makers are waging a high-stakes battle over prices. More>>

Infant milk allergy? A farm in Dubai may have the answer

A farm in Dubai has found a novel answer to one of the most common infant allergies: camel milk baby formula. More>>

Rising rates don't have to doom stocks

Rising rates can be scary, especially for a stock market addicted to unbelievably low rates. More>>

KFC chicken shortage will hit UK stores all week

More bad news for KFC fans: A chicken shortage that has closed hundreds of stores in the UK could last all week. More>>

Fox increases its commitment to keep Sky independent to placate UK regulators

21st Century Fox is increasing its commitment to an independent Sky News as a deadline nears for a UK regulator's decision regarding Fox's proposed takeover of the satellite broadcaster. More>>

Walmart's stumbles with online growth

Walmart is finding it somewhat more difficult than expected to compete head-to-head with Amazon. More>>

Venezuela tries a cryptocurrency to solve its economic crisis

Venezuelan leaders face an unprecedented economic crisis, and their currency is almost worthless. More>>

Amazon's latest Prime perk: 5% cash back at Whole Foods

Amazon Prime credit card holders just bagged a new reward. More>>

Union workers want Disney to pay their $1,000 tax cut bonuses

Unions representing about 35,000 Disney World workers say Disney is refusing to pay their members $1,000 tax cut bonuses. More>>

Why men need to believe in the wage gap

For many women, the wage gap needs no explaining: Female workers, on average, earn around 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. The gap is even wider for women of color. More>>

Fox News launching streaming service for "superfans"

Fox News wants its biggest fans to sign up for a streaming service called "Fox Nation." More>>

Here's a new North Korean hacking threat to worry about

Another group of North Korean hackers is now targeting major international companies, according to a new report. More>>

US stocks weaken; Walmart earnings; HSBC stumbles

1. More volatility?: US stock futures are pointing down on Tuesday after investors had a long weekend to consider their next moves. More>>

Stink bugs on ships disrupt Japan's car exports

A pesky insect known as the "stink bug" is preventing thousands of Japanese cars from being delivered to New Zealand. More>>

Albertsons agrees to buy Rite Aid

Albertsons wants to scoop up Rite Aid. More>>

Donald Trump Jr. will dine with apartment buyers in India

Donald Trump Jr. is pulling out all the stops on a visit to his company's biggest international market. More>>

Small banks near big win on Dodd-Frank rollback

Thousands of the country's smallest banks and dozens of regional lenders may finally get the relief they've been aching for. More>>

KFC is running out of chicken across the U.K.

KFC is running out of ... chicken? More>>

Stelter: The 'Oprah 2020' story isn't going away. Trump just made sure of it

Oprah Winfrey says she is "not running" for president right now, but she has not ruled it out in private conversations, according to three confidants who spoke with me last week. More>>

Why steel and aluminum tariffs matter to the U.S. economy

The Trump administration's hard-edged proposals to impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports would boost a flagging sector of American business. No doubt. More>>

Europe is getting its biggest IPO in years

Is now the time to buy new shares? One of Europe's biggest companies certainly hopes so. More>>

As Whole Foods merges with Amazon, local suppliers watch and worry

Whole Foods discovered Jenna Huntsberger's cookies in 2015. More>>

Emirates hands Arsenal $280 million in record sponsorship deal

Arsenal has just secured its biggest sponsorship deal ever. More>>

Top European banker detained in bribery probe

A top official at the European Central Bank has been detained as part of a criminal probe by anti-corruption investigators in Latvia. More>>

5G is helping make Pyeongchang the most high-tech Olympics ever

Spectators at the Pyeongchang Olympics aren't just getting to watch the ultimate showdown in winter sports. They're also witnessing the most high-tech Olympic Games in history. More>>

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon pulls out of NBC gig

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon has pulled out of a job as a correspondent for NBC at the Winter Games in South Korea. More>>

David Gergen: Trump's attacks on media pose 'growing' threat to America

President Trump's attempts to discredit the Russia investigation and his attacks against the media pose a "growing" threat to American democracy, so says David Gergen. More>>

SpaceX to launch demo satellites for its high-speed internet project

Elon Musk's SpaceX wants to deliver high-speed internet to the world using thousands of small satellites -- and this week that plan is moving closer to reality. More>>

Trump tariffs on steel would hit China -- and the entire global trading system

If President Trump decides to impose steep tariffs on steel, it would be a direct shot at Beijing. More>>

Sunny days for the economy can't last forever

1. It's getting late: The recovery from the Great Recession is already one of the longest economic expansions in American history. More>>

David Glasser, top executive at Weinstein Company, fired from post

One of the Weinstein Company's top executives was fired on Friday night in an apparent response to the New York attorney general's recent lawsuit against the company. More>>

Why sponsors are breaking up with the Olympics

Few events are more appealing from a sponsorship perspective than the Olympics. More>>

'Black Panther' is heading for a blockbuster weekend. Here's why that matters

The King of Wakanda's reign at the box office has begun. More>>

Old pickup trucks are hot collectibles

Old pickup trucks aren't just old trucks anymore. They are, officially, collectible. More>>

China warns Trump over potential steel and aluminum tariffs

China is warning President Trump that it will take action if he puts heavy tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. More>>

DOJ says Trump and politics did not play a role in the AT&T lawsuit

The government on Friday asked a judge to strike AT&T's defense that the Justice Department is unfairly targeting the telecommunications company because of politics, thus selectively enforcing antitrust law in their... More>>

How the Russians did it

The operation sounds like a normal tech-savvy ad agency. More>>

Big business to Trump: Tariffs could backfire

The Business Roundtable has a message for President Trump: The tariffs your administration has proposed would backfire. More>>

Idaho thinks it has a better idea than Obamacare

Idaho isn't waiting for Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare. More>>

Some people already get food in a box from the government

Providing food in a box to needy Americans is nothing new for the federal government. More>>

Trump administration recommends steep tariffs on steel and aluminum

The Commerce Department is recommending steep tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. More>>

'Columbine' author Dave Cullen: The media needs cut back on coverage of mass shootings

In the nearly 20 years between the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado and Wednesday's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, terrorists have followed similar tactics to capture the media's... More>>

A Chinese takeover of the Chicago Stock Exchange just got blocked

The top regulator for U.S. financial markets is barring a Chinese-led group of investors from buying the Chicago Stock Exchange. More>>

'Catch and kill': How a tabloid shields Trump from troublesome stories

How many other stories has the National Enquirer covered up to help President Trump? More>>

The NBA is not afraid to lead on social justice

NBA stars are not afraid to speak their minds. More>>

FCC head probed over policies benefiting conservative broadcaster

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is being probed by the agency's inspector general about whether he inappropriately favored a conservative-leaning broadcast company, according to a lawmaker. More>>

Campbell Soup has a soup problem

Campbell Soup is still struggling to sell ... soup. More>>

Is now the time to invest in South Africa?

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa says his country is entering "a new era" following the ouster of his scandal-plagued predecessor, Jacob Zuma. More>>

Tariff winners and losers: U.S. Steel spikes, Ford retreats

Wall Street is already handing out verdicts on who will win and who will lose if President Trump follows the Commerce Department's recommendations to impose heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. More>>

Royal Mint gets first woman boss in 1,100 years

It took 1,100 years, but a woman is finally in charge of Britain's Royal Mint. More>>

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