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Suspect arrested in killings of homeless men in Las Vegas

A 26-year-old man accused of targeting homeless men in a Las Vegas shooting spree has been arrested, the city's police said. More>>

Florida school shooting survivor says he is not a crisis actor

David Hogg has become a strong voice among survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High and some are calling him a "crisis actor" and a pawn for anti-gun legislation. More>>

Parkland students: This is why we're going to Florida's capital

Busloads of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School headed for the Florida capital on Tuesday with one goal in mind: Make change. More>>

Husband of Florida woman who went missing at sea faces murder charge

A British man who is already in US federal custody will face a second-degree murder charge in connection with the disappearance of his wife, who went missing while the couple sailed through the Florida Straits last year,... More>>

Florida Legislature rejects weapons ban with massacre survivors en route to Capitol

The Florida state House on Tuesday rejected a ban on many semiautomatic guns and large capacity magazines as dozens of survivors of last week's school shooting headed to the state Capitol to turn their grief into political... More>>

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Justice. More>>

Billy Crystal Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of comedian Billy Crystal. More>>

Troopers buy $600 plane ticket to help distraught woman get home for Florida shooting vigil

Jordana Judson lives in New York. But when she heard about the Florida school shooting last week, it hit close to home. More>>

Three Arrested, Three Sought in Campus Stabbing Case

Police have arrested three men for a stabbing on the campus of East Stroudsburg University. More>>

Parkland survivor's dad escaped harm in Las Vegas shooting

Father and son stories aren't supposed to look like this. More>>

There have been at least 20 incidents involving threats and weapons at schools since the Florida shooting

Since the Parkland, Florida, school shooting on Valentine's Day, there have been at least 20 reports of other incidents involving a threat to a school or a weapon on a school campus. More>>

'Kill the NRA' appears on vandalized Kentucky highway billboard

A billboard on I-65 near Louisville, Kentucky, was vandalized with the message "Kill the NRA," targeting the National Rifle Association. More>>

Omaha massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting two women

Omaha police are looking into two separate cases of a massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting women during sessions. More>>

Dallas official wants NRA to move annual convention to another city

The National Rifle Association should move its annual convention from Dallas to somewhere else after last week's massacre at a Florida high school that left 17 students dead, a Dallas city official says. More>>

Gun store owner stops selling AR-15s to people under 21

In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Florida last week, one gun shop owner has decided to act, and will no longer sell AR-15 rifles to people under age 21. More>>

Some gun owners are getting rid of their weapons after the latest mass shooting

Amanda Meyer grew up around guns. She took a hunter safety class in her hometown in Iowa when she was 14 and her parents emphasized proper gun handling from a very early age. More>>

Parents frustrated, fearful following threats at area schools

Students at Western Branch High School will see increased security and police presence at their building when they return to school Tuesday following a threat. More>>

How 'thoughts and prayers' went from common condolence to cynical meme

Semantic satiation is the phenomenon in which a word or phrase is repeated so often it loses its meaning. But it also becomes something ridiculous, a jumble of letters that feels alien on the tongue and reads like... More>>

Folsom Couple Confused, Concerned by Mystery Amazon Packages

A Folsom couple says they are concerned about mysterious packages that keep showing up at their doorstep. More>>

Parents, children demonstrate for stricter gun laws; shop owner calls it 'ridiculous'

Less than a week after the Florida school shooting, several local groups have planned gun control rallies. More>>

NBA All-Star Game Fast Facts

Here's a look at the NBA All-Star Game. The All-Star Game caps off All-Star Weekend. All-Star Weekend includes the Slam Dunk contest, the Three Point Shootout and the Rookie Challenge. More>>

Rosalynn Carter Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Rosalynn Carter, wife of former President Jimmy Carter. More>>

5 Things for February 20: Student activists, the Russia investigation and a charity scandal

Is a visit to Cape Town on your bucket list, but its water crisis is giving you pause? Don't worry; you can still enjoy yourself in the Mother City. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.... More>>

Chinese anger after terracotta warrior's thumb stolen in US

Chinese authorities are livid over the theft of a thumb from a 2,000-year-old terracotta warrior on loan to a US museum, calling for the perpetrator to be "severely" punished. More>>

Uber Eats driver suspected in shooting death of customer turns himself in

An Uber Eats driver wanted in connection with the fatal shooting of a customer over the weekend shot the victim in self-defense, the suspect's attorney said Monday. More>>

People are calling for this Florida shooting victim to be buried with military honors

Peter Wang, a 15-year-old JROTC cadet, died in last week's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. According to his friends, he was shot repeatedly while holding a door open to let other... More>>

Suspect dies following officer-involved shooting at Scottsdale Fashion Square

Scottsdale police are investigating an officer-involved shooting at Fashion Square Mall that happened Sunday. More>>

Postal employee found dead on Dallas interstate

A US Postal Service employee was found fatally shot inside a truck on Interstate 30, Dallas police said. More>>

Man accused of pimping his wife on Craigslist

A Dauphin County couple is facing prostitution charges after police say the man placed an ad on Craigslist offering sexual intercourse with his wife in exchange for money. More>>

Mitt Romney Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and former Republican presidential nominee. More>>

Quincy Jones Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of musician, music producer and philanthropist, Quincy Jones. More>>

US School Violence Fast Facts

Here is a list of incidents of random elementary, middle and high school (excludes colleges and universities) violence with fatalities, from 1927 to the present. This list does NOT include suicides, gang-related incidents,... More>>

Iditarod Fast Facts

Here's a look at the Iditarod dogsled race. The event is named after the Iditarod Trail, an old mail and supply route, traveled by dogsleds from Seward and Knik to Nome, Alaska. More>>

Deadliest Mass Shootings in Modern US History Fast Facts

Here is a list of the deadliest single day mass shootings in US history from 1949 to the present. More>>

Your new tech can cause problems for 911 dispatchers

This week marks 50 years since the first 911 call was placed in the United States. Since then, first response has come a long way, as devices and technology has evolved. More>>

Daytona 500 Fast Facts

Here's a look at the Daytona 500, the first race of the racing season for NASCAR. More>>

Bill Frist Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Bill Frist, heart and lung transplant surgeon and former Senate majority leader. More>>

Justin Bieber Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Grammy Award-winning singer Justin Bieber. More>>

Alan Greenspan Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. More>>

Tim Kaine Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Democratic US Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. More>>

Joanne Woodward Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Oscar-wining actress Joanne Woodward. More>>

George Ryan Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of George Ryan, the former governor of Illinois who served time in prison after being convicted on racketeering, conspiracy and fraud charges. More>>

Rick Perry Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of former Texas Governor Rick Perry. More>>

Harry Belafonte Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Harry Belafonte, civil rights activist and award winning singer and actor. More>>

Ralph Nader Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of consumer advocate and former candidate for president Ralph Nader. More>>

Fats Domino Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of award-winning singer, songwriter and pianist Fats Domino. More>>

Glen Campbell Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of six-time Grammy Award winner Glen Campbell, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2011. More>>

"This is a national epidemic:" Milwaukee group gathers to discuss gun violence

A local group wants to shift the focus of gun violence discussions. More>>

Women's March organizers are planning a national student walkout to protest gun violence

Women's March organizers are encouraging students, teachers and their allies to walk out of schools on March 14 to protest gun violence. More>>

Police: 6-Year-Old Girl Killed by Suspected Drunken Driver While Playing in Fullerton Front Yard

A young girl was playing in the front yard of a Fullerton home when a driver who authorities believe was intoxicated lost control of his SUV and fatally struck her on Saturday, police said. More>>

'My school is being shot up'

(CNN) -- On Valentine's Day morning, Nikolas Cruz's 5-foot-7-inch, 120-pound frame couldn't be shaken from his bed in suburban Parkland, Florida. More>>

Fans removed from game for remarks aimed at black NHL player

A group of fans were removed from a game in Chicago on Saturday night for remarks aimed at Washington Capitals player Devante Smith-Pelly. More>>

Exclusive: Group chat messages show school shooter obsessed with race, violence and guns

In a private Instagram group chat, confessed school shooter Nikolas Cruz repeatedly espoused racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views and displayed an obsession with violence and guns. More>>

Stoneman Douglas principal in emotional video promises to hug every student

"We lost 17 lives on Valentine's Day. That's supposed to be the international day of love," Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School principal Ty Thompson said in an emotional video message posted on Saturday, three days after... More>>

Jury awards more than $37 million to family of Maryland woman killed in police standoff

A jury returned a verdict Friday of more than $37 million against Baltimore County, Maryland, in a civil lawsuit brought by the family and estate of a woman killed in an armed standoff with county police, according to the... More>>

Student journalist interviewed classmates as shooter walked Parkland school halls

David Hogg found himself living a nightmare on Wednesday, hiding in a closet with classmates as a crazed gunman roamed the campus of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, unleashing a torrent of... More>>

Fugitive leads police to seize drugs, stolen guns and thousands in cash

The arrest of a man Thursday led Metro Police to two other suspects, as well as cash, drugs and stolen guns. More>>

Al Qaeda operative sentenced to life in prison

Al Qaeda operative Ibrahim Suleiman Adnan Adam Harun was sentenced to life in prison on Friday in New York City. More>>

'I just love helping people': Utah boy donates locks of hair to benefit children with cancer

The life of a child can be a blur, quickly moving from toy to toy, new adventure to new adventure. More>>

Elkhorn middle school student accused of making terroristic threats

A local teenager got placed under arrest twice this week. He's accused by law enforcement of making terroristic threats. More>>

PA parole board members meet with inmates to discuss their re-integration into society

About 2 hundred inmates at SCI Camp Hill met with members of the state parole board and other leaders Friday to have a conversation about how to re-integrate into society. More>>

Mother says her son was suspended for reporting gun talk to school

A Daphne mother was upset because she said her son followed the rule, "if you see something, say something," and got suspended in the process. More>>

Teen boy accused in Kentucky school shooting indicted as adult

A 15-year-old boy accused of killing two students in a shooting at a Kentucky high school last month will be tried as an adult, state police said Friday. More>>

Sleep apnea led to tired engineers and 2 train crashes, NTSB says

Sleep apnea led to two commuter railroad accidents within 13 weeks of one another, the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday. The NTSB said the sleep disorder caused engineer fatigue and that in both accidents,... More>>

Charges will move forward against Amtrak engineer in deadly 2015 crash

All criminal charges will move forward against the conductor of an Amtrak train that derailed in 2015, a judge ruled Tuesday, according to an official in the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office. The 2015 crash killed... More>>

A teen wrote about plans to shoot up his Washington high school. But his grandmother found his journal

A woman in Everett, Washington, was looking through her grandson's journal Monday night when she found something that would forever change her view of him. More>>

Teen accused of starting Eagle Creek Fire pleads guilty, is sentenced

Five months after the Eagle Creek Fire devastated the Columbia River Gorge, a Vancouver teenager admitted to starting the blaze and agreed to a sentence while in court Friday morning. More>>

Russian bots promote pro-gun messages after Florida school shooting

Russia-linked bots are promoting pro-gun messages on Twitter in an attempt to sow discord in the aftermath of the Florida school shooting, monitoring groups say. More>>

An African-American teen and his mom explain why 'Black Panther' means so much

"Black Panther" might not be as big as President Barack Obama, but "it's up there." More>>

Cartoonist taps into outrage to illustrate another school shooting

If you want to be a political cartoonist in this age of mass shootings and school massacres, you had better get good at drawing guns -- revolvers, shotguns, AK-47s, Glocks and, of course, the AR-15 that has been used to... More>>

Baldwin County school bus surrounded by police after student's gun comment

Baldwin County schools superintendent Eddie Tyler said a "flippant remark" by a student on a school bus Friday morning led to "needless panic and chaos" as the bus was stopped and then surrounded by police cars in Daphne. More>>

Her son survived the Florida school shooting a year after she survived a mass shooting at an airport

Annika Dean got text messages Wednesday that no parent ever wants to see. More>>

Hawaii lawmakers looking at new ways to ensure campus safety

It's a plan you never want to put into action: a gunman on campus. More>>

Man in Motorhome Suspected of Killing Woman, Dumping Her Naked Body on Gardena Area Street

A man is in custody after the body of a woman was discovered lying face down in a gutter near his motor home in the Gardena area Thursday night. More>>

Father of teen accused in Bethany-area shooting speaks out

A 17-year-old from Springfield was taking cell phone video while he shot a 16-year old six times, including one shot to the head, according to court documents. More>>

After taste of spring, weekend snow to blanket the Northeast

Enjoy the early warmth as long as you can on Friday. For much of the eastern US, Thursday felt like spring. More>>

Florida student describes hearing her favorite teacher being shot dead

A Florida teen recounted the harrowing moment she heard the shot that ended her favorite teacher's life, describing it as the "worst experience in the world." More>>

Man's love of basketball fuels miraculous recovery after suffering strokes

A few years ago, a Kansas City basketball coach suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. More>>

Imprisoned dad says disease, not abuse, caused his son's injuries

Jim Duncan has always insisted he never broke the bones of his infant son, and now a Florida appeals court has agreed that Duncan deserves a hearing for a new trial. More>>

Doctor who treated Florida shooting victims: 'When is it going to stop?'

The victims were pale and terrified. Some were in tears, others didn't say a word. Some were afraid they were dying, others were already gone. More>>

Louisiana's commercial fishing industry could be at risk due to proposed diversion project

Louisiana's commercial fishing industry could be in jeopardy due to the state's Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Project, a fifty billion dollar initiative supported by Governor John Bel Edwards. More>>

Selling used car to scrap yard turns into headache for local woman

Selling your old car to a scrap yard for quick cash can sound appealing, but sometimes, it can leave you holding a bill you weren't prepared to pay. More>>

My grandpa hid in closet from mass murderer. 70 years later, I did the same

Carly Novell survived the shooting rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida by hiding in a closet -- and her grandfather also escaped a lone gunman the same way almost 70 years ago. More>>

From 'broken child' to mass killer

Long before he slaughtered 17 people at the South Florida high school he once attended, Nikolas Cruz had a disturbing way of introducing himself. More>>

5 Things for February 16: Florida massacre, immigration, Rick Gates, S. Africa, flu

The victims and families affected by the Florida high school shooting have great needs right now. Here's how you can help them. And here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get... More>>

Social media paints picture of racist 'professional school shooter'

On social media, Nikolas Cruz did not appear to be a peaceful man. He made quite clear his desire to perpetrate the exact type of violence of which he now stands accused. More>>

Feds arrest two Bronx men in bomb-making case

Two brothers, including a former teacher at a Harlem school, were arrested Thursday, accused of building bombs in the Bronx, a federal criminal complaint says. More>>

There have been eight school shootings in 2018. And it's only February

We're not even two full months into 2018, and there have already been at least eight school shootings in the US. More>>

2 Students sustain chemical burns after unknown liquid thrown on them

Two students were transported to the hospital for treatment after an unknown liquid was thrown on them at Sumner High School Thursday, police said. More>>

FBI was warned about alleged shooter nearly 5 months ago, tipster says

The FBI was warned in September about a possible school shooting threat from a YouTube user with the same name as the suspect in Wednesday's campus massacre in Parkland, Florida, according to a video blogger. More>>

Car crashes outside NSA headquarters, suspects in custody

Two people are in police custody and a third in the hospital after a car crashed outside the NSA campus in Fort Meade Wednesday morning. More>>

B. B. King Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of blues legend B.B. King. More>>

A football coach who shielded students from the Florida shooter died as he lived -- by putting himself second

Football coach Aaron Feis threw himself in front of students as bullets hailed down Wednesday at his alma mater, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. More>>

David Geffen Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of David Geffen, producer, studio executive and philanthropist. More>>

'A child of God is dead': Ex-FBI official breaks down on air over latest school shooting

CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd on Wednesday choked back tears as he confronted the grim details of the nation's latest school shooting, a massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that... More>>

John Lewis Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of US Representative John Lewis (D-Ga.), a civil rights leader. More>>

How gun background checks work

The nation's gun buying background check system is supposed to keep firearms out of reach for dangerous individuals. But it's not meant to catch early warning signs like those exhibited by Nikolas Cruz, the man identified... More>>

School shootings in the US keep happening again and again and again

Here is a (long) list of shootings at elementary, middle and high schools that have resulted in fatalities in the last 20 years. This list does NOT include suicides, gang-related incidents, or deaths resulting from... More>>

A GoFundMe page for Parkland shooting victims raises more than $100,000 in one day

A GoFundMe campaign for the victims of Florida's mass shooting raised more than $100,000 within the first two hours of its creation Thursday. More>>

School shooting survivor to lawmakers: 'You need to take some action'

A student who witnessed Wednesday's massacre at a Florida school made a direct plea to lawmakers on Thursday to take action, warning more children will die otherwise. More>>

NBA rookie uses his shoes to speak out on the Florida school shooting

Parkland, Florida may be more than 2,500 miles away from Salt Lake City, Utah, but the Florida school shooting was close to the mind of NBA player Donovan Mitchell. Or more accurately, his feet. More>>

Woman accused of showing up drunk to hearing for previous DUI charge

A 36-year-old New Holland woman is accused of being under the influence of alcohol while she attended a hearing for previous charges of public drunkenness and driving under the influence. More>>

19 Of the 30 deadliest mass shootings have taken place in the last decade. What has changed on the federal level?

() -- Nothing. TM & © 2018 Cable News Network, Inc., a Time Warner Company. All rights reserved. More>>

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas was an environmental activist. Now her name will be remembered for a school shooting

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, is now a place we unfortunately will be compelled to remember for years. Here is some background on the school's namesake, a journalist and environmentalist who... More>>

5 Things for February 15: School massacre, White House, Zuma, Puerto Rico, phones

Here we are again, grasping for answers, choking on tears and clutching our children after another deadly school shooting. Here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get "5 Things You... More>>

Teacher hid 19 students in a closet when a gunman opened fire

When Melissa Falkowski heard there was an active shooter on campus, her instincts kicked in. More>>

Meet the 2018 US grocery bagging champion from Maquoketa, Iowa

Once again, Iowa is home to the best grocery bagger in the nation. More>>

Michelle Obama's Valentine's Day playlist melts hearts

Michelle Obama's Valentine's Day playlist, which dropped on Spotify on Wednesday, has the internet swooning. Titled "Forever Mine," it features an eclectic 44 track mix of modern ballads and evergreen classics. More>>

Parkland, where the school shooting occurred, was named Florida's safest city last year

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the scene of a deadly shooting Wednesday, is in Parkland, which was named Florida's safest city last year. More>>

Court blocks predominantly white Alabama city from creating its own school system

A predominantly white Alabama city cannot secede from a county school system that remains under a 1971 desegregation order, a federal appellate court ruled, citing racially driven Facebook posts as one factor in its decision. More>>

Aly Raisman wears only her words in her latest Sports Illustrated shoot

Her scathing words to Larry Nassar became an iconic message of female empowerment. Now Aly Raisman is making another powerful statement -- by wearing only her words. More>>

Baltimore's streak of 11 days without a homicide just ended

Baltimore's streak of 11 days without a homicide ended Tuesday, though some residents said the fatal shooting doesn't quell their hope in grass-roots efforts to curb violence. More>>

Sheriff: Major narcotics network busted, seven arrested

Agents busting a major narcotics network in the Tri-State seized drugs and assets worth more than $1.73 million and made seven arrests, Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil announced Wednesday. More>>

Golfer Bill Haas injured in Ferrari crash that killed 1 in Los Angeles

The driver of a Ferrari carrying pro golfer Bill Haas was killed after crashing and rolling the Italian sports car in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades neighborhood, police said. More>>

Burger King Employees Throw 80th Birthday Party for Loyal Customer

A Luzerne County man celebrated his 80th birthday Tuesday at his favorite restaurant -- Burger King! More>>

LISTEN: Mother's horrifying 911 call as son allegedly stabs her, her husband

Police released the 911 tapes from a double stabbing on Monday. More>>

Berkeley declares itself a sanctuary city for recreational pot

Berkeley City Council members have passed a resolution declaring the city a sanctuary for recreational marijuana. More>>

Suspected Toronto serial killer looked 'harmless'

When Bruce McArthur was charged with five counts of murder for allegedly killing several gay men and burying their remains in potted plants around Toronto, many in the city's LGBTQ community were in shock. More>>

Seattle ICE attorney charged with stealing immigrants' identities

The chief counsel for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Seattle field office was charged with stealing the identities of seven people who were involved in immigration proceedings, according to court documents. More>>

A by-the-numbers look at Valentine's Day

It's no surprise that Americans spend quite a bit of money to show their love on Valentine's Day. Here's a breakdown, by the numbers: More>>

5 Things for February 14: White House, Israel, Russia, South Africa, Iraq & ISIS

Happy Valentine's Day! Turns out finances and sex are better for married folks. But don't fret, singles -- you win sleep. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get "5 Things... More>>

Chicago police commander killed assisting on call

A police commander was fatally shot while responding to a call Tuesday in downtown Chicago, authorities said. More>>

Exclusive: Gun lobbyist helped write ATF official's proposal to deregulate

Behind the scenes, a gun industry lobbyist provided comments that were directly incorporated into an internal memo at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to newly disclosed documents -- a... More>>

Police answered immigrant's call for help, then gave him to ICE

Wilson Rodriguez Macarreno and his family heard an intruder so he called police for help. About an hour later, he was in the custody of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. More>>

Woman surprises husband with pregnancy announcement on flight from Tampa

When David Rose climbed aboard a flight to Chicago from Tampa International Airport, he had no idea what was coming his way. More>>

Judge awards $6.7 million to graffiti artists whose work was destroyed to build condos

A federal judge has awarded $6.7 million to 21 graffiti artists after their works were destroyed in 2013 at the 5Pointz complex in Queens, New York, to make room for luxury condominiums. More>>

'Chelsea Bomber' Ahmad Rahimi sentenced to multiple life terms

Convicted New York City bomber Ahmad Khan Rahimi was sentenced to multiple life sentences in prison by a federal judge on Tuesday. More>>

Tiny homes offer big benefits for homeless military veterans

Marvin Gregory is a large man living in a tiny home. And he couldn't be happier. More>>

Teen shot to death using 5 Miles app to buy cell phone

Police in Lancaster say a teenage boy was trying to use the 5 miles app to buy a cell phone when he was shot to death Friday night. More>>

Immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle death seeks dismissal of federal charge

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, an undocumented immigrant, was acquitted in the death of Kate Steinle last year, but he now has to face federal charges. More>>

Baltimore goes 11 days without a homicide

Baltimore, a city with one of the highest per capita homicide rates in the country, has not seen a homicide for 11 days and counting -- the longest homicide-free period since March 2014. More>>

Sidney Poitier Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Sidney Poitier, award winning actor and civil rights activist. More>>

Gloria Vanderbilt Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Gloria Vanderbilt, heiress, socialite, fashion designer, artist, author and actress. More>>

How one tweet inspired 120 people to shovel snow for the elderly in a Chicago neighborhood

Jahmal Cole is a community organizer in Chatham, a largely elderly and African-American community on the South Side of Chicago. More>>

Charles Manson's body has been on ice for nearly three months. Here's why

Nearly three months after his death, Charles Manson's body is still on ice in Kern County, California, as at least four people fight to claim his body. More>>

Suspect claims Natalie Bollinger, 19, hired him through Craigslist to kill her

The man arrested in the shooting death of 19-year-old Natalie Bollinger claims Bollinger hired him to kill her after he answered her Craigslist ad titled "I want to put a hit on myself," according to a newly released... More>>

No bail for couple accused of starving, beating toddler to death

An Ogden couple accused of starving and beating their 3-year-old child to death will remain in jail without bail while a judge awaits written briefs on whether the case should proceed to trial. More>>

Woman pleads guilty to kidnapping newborn in 1998, raising her to adulthood

Two decades after taking a baby from a hospital and raising the child as her own, a South Carolina woman pleaded guilty Monday to kidnapping and interference with custody, prosecutors said. More>>

ICE grants 1-year stay to father of 5-year-old battling leukemia

An undocumented immigrant who took refuge in a Phoenix church and whose son has leukemia was relieved Monday after finding out that he won't be deported. More>>

5 Things for February 13: More for military, less for diplomacy

It's not just beads that get flung during Mardi Gras parades. Stilettos and toilet plungers get tossed, too! Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get "5 Things You Need to... More>>

New memo says no evidence of crime in border agent death

There was no evidence a crime was committed when a US Border Patrol agent was killed more than two months ago while on patrol in West Texas, according to a new government memo obtained by CNN. More>>

3 Jail officials charged in death of inmate whose water was turned off

Three jail officials were charged Monday in the case of a Milwaukee inmate who died of dehydration in his cell after being denied water for seven days. More>>

Former Baltimore officers convicted in corruption trial

A federal jury on Monday convicted two former members of a defunct Baltimore police gun task force in a corruption trial. More>>

Grandfather builds custom wagon floats every Mardi Gras

For Bubba Hampton, Mardi Gras isn't just about the beads, doubloons, and partying. It's a chance to build something unique for his grandchildren. More>>

We're 6 weeks into the year and there have already been 11 officers shot to death

In the first six weeks of the year, 11 law enforcement officers across the United States have died after they were shot in the line of duty. More>>

Funeral recalls NFL player Edwin Jackson, killed in crash

NFL linebacker Edwin Jackson, struck and killed by a truck police said was driven by a twice-deported undocumented immigrant, was remembered Monday at the Atlanta church his family has attended for three generations. More>>

Toronto serial killer suspect served as Santa Claus, mall says

The suspected serial killer was a mall Santa. More>>

Ancient Mulino landslide causing new headaches for drivers

An ancient landslide near Mulino is causing new problems Monday morning. More>>

Ex-MLB pitcher Esteban Loaiza arrested in San Diego, accused of having 20 kg of cocaine, heroin

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Esteban Loaiza was arrested in San Diego on drug charges after he was caught with 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of cocaine and heroin. More>>

Moment of silence held for slain officer, two others shot in Locust Grove

A moment of silence was held on Sunday for a fallen police officer and two other deputies shot while serving a warrant at a home in Locust Grove on Friday. More>>

Heavy rains cause sanitary sewer overflows in Mobile

This weekend's rain not only dampened Mardi Gras parades but caused sewer overflows across the city. The Mobile Area Water and Sewer System is currently monitoring overflows due to the rain. More>>

900 Customers without power in Norwich as crews replace pole from police pursuit

A police pursuit resulted in a crash that closed a road in Norwich and knocked out power to 900 customers. More>>

CNN exclusive: After Texas massacre, military rushed to add more than 4,000 to gun ban list

Since an ex-US airman shot more than two dozen people in a Texas church in November, the US military has added more than 4,000 names to the nation's list of dishonorably discharged military personnel banned from owning... More>>

5 Things for February 12: Immigration, Puerto Rico, Oxfam

Happy Monday. We'll be spending the morning poring through the thousands of emails you sent with your suggestions on our Sunday experiment. But first, here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You... More>>

Grand Canyon helicopter crash victims named

Authorities have released the names of the victims of a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon in Arizona Saturday. More>>

Nancy Pelosi Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a representative from California since 1987. More>>

Joseph Lieberman Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Joseph Lieberman, former United States Senator from Connecticut. More>>

Writers Guild of America Fast Facts

Here's some background information about the Writers Guild of America, which represents more than 16,000 film, TV, broadcast and news media writers. It is made up of two unions, the WGA, West and the WGA, East. More>>

Michael Jordan Fast Facts

Here's a look at basketball legend and NBA superstar Michael Jordan. More>>

Carl Icahn Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of investor Carl Icahn. More>>

Valentine's Day Fast Facts

Here's some background information about Valentine's Day, celebrated every February 14. More>>

John McEnroe Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of tennis ace and television analyst John McEnroe. More>>

NFL Pro Bowl Fast Facts

Here is some background information about the NFL Pro Bowl, the all-star game of the National Football League. More>>

Grammy Awards Fast Facts

Here is some background information about the Grammy Awards. More>>

1993 World Trade Center Bombing Fast Facts

Here's some background information about the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing which killed six people and injured more than 1,000. Six suspects were convicted of directly participating in the bombing. The seventh suspect,... More>>

Thousands brave the chilly weather for Krewe of Highland Parade

The quirky Krewe of Highland delighted thousands in Shreveport Sunday afternoon under cold and cloudy skies, but luckily the rain held off. The Highland parade is one of the most beloved parades during Mardi Gras in the... More>>

Lawrence Bacow to become Harvard's 29th president

In hiring its 29th president, Harvard University is turning to one of its own. More>>

Police: 2 men in custody in connection with armed robbery in NE Portland

Two people are in custody after police said they robbed a bar in Northeast Portland and tried to run from officers. More>>

Church in Leawood says they've never canceled because of weather

A lot of area churches are preparing to hold services tomorrow even if it snows. More>>

Medical assistant speaks out after rushing to aid Tempe firefighter after deadly shooting

A certified medical assistant is speaking out after rushing to the aid of a Tempe Fire captain who was fatally shot. More>>

Medical assistant speaks out after rushing to aid Tempe firefighter after deadly shooting

A certified medical assistant is speaking out after rushing to the aid of a Tempe Fire captain who was fatally shot. More>>

Shooter identified in Locust Grove officer killing

Authorities have named Tierre Guthrie as the man responsible for shooting three law enforcement officers on Friday morning. More>>

Screaming, fist-banging and 'spit on my face': What it was like to work for Wynn

Steve Wynn slipped a pair of vampire teeth into his mouth and walked into an employee meeting at his glittering Las Vegas casino. More>>

Man scales fence, runs to plane at LAX

A man apparently scaled a fence at Los Angeles International Airport Saturday, running up to a plane and causing a temporary shut down, according to police. More>>

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