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Scott Bremner, WSEE Anchor/Reporter Scott Bremner, WSEE Anchor/Reporter
I hope you have a minute because the longer you've been at it the longer it takes to describe.
I'm currently the Executive Producer for SEE News and a three time Emmy award winner.
I've been at it for just about 30 years, every one of them in Erie, and in that time I've done just about every job there is in a newsroom.
Starting out as a videographer my work was featured on both the ABC and CBS evening newscasts, most notably the video of a killer tornado at work in 1981. You have to remember that back then there wasn't a camera in every phone so it was seen as a big deal.
I then moved on to reporting and anchoring where I was honored with numerous statewide awards from both the Associated Press and the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters, everything from the local impact of the first Gulf War to the impact of tattoos on teenagers.
I was also honored to be named by Mercyhurst College as Erie's best investigative television reporter three years in a row as well as a "Legend in Erie Broadcasting" by the Erie Boys and Girls Club (I think you have to be old to be called a legend!).
I have reported in places as far away as Zibo, China and Lublin, Poland.
But I wanted to do more so in 1998 I began writing columns directly to, the website for the Erie Times-News. I was surprised when that work was awarded a silver medal by the International Association of Business Communicators but outright stunned when those columns were named Best in the Nation by the prestigious National Society of Newspaper Columnists.
That makes me, literally, a national award-winning writer (not bad, eh?) and I felt so good about it that a collection of that work was put out in a book called "Thoughts from Under the Hat."
I now do a video version of those columns that appears Friday nights on SEE News at Six and also on this site, also called "Thoughts from Under the Hat." In 2011 that work won a regional Emmy Award from the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences.
Besides my duties as Executive Producer for SEE News, I also host, produce and book the weekend current affairs show "The Insider." 

My wife Diane is a high school English teacher (she's also my grammar coach!). We have two daughters and live in the suburbs of Erie.

See? I told you it takes a while to explain a long career!

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