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Under The Hat: Cheering the Death

Everyone from world leaders to NFL running backs discovered this week the hard lesson that awaits if you criticize the way Americans learned the news that U.S. special forces had found and killed Osama Bin Laden.
In cities across the nation that news was met with jubilation; taking to the streets to wave flags and chant USA, USA.
Often the faces in those crowds are college age or younger, which made them what, 7 or 8 when the Twin Towers came down?
That doesn't make their patriotism any less than yours or mine, but it does lead one to wonder if everyone in the crowd fully understands what's really at stake here.
Feel free to email if you must, but I have to admit that my first reaction to all the overt celebration was that it did strike me as a bit unseemly.
We didn't just score a goal in the World Cup for goodness sakes, we conducted a military operation with the goal of sending a message.
The message: if you plan and carry out the murders of thousands of our people and our guests then we will find you.
Eventually, we will find you regardless of your country of residence or what military academy you choose to make your residence near.
It won't matter how high your walls nor how deep your security preparations.
This week there are two area families and by extension two area communities where there is no celebration, just the sober reminder that freedom isn't free and some among us pay a higher price than others.
Perhaps our time might be better spent in honoring them, instead of wildly cheering the death of a killer.

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