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Erie School Board Approves Teacher Reinstatement

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The Erie School Board has figured out how to spend $2.4 million in additional revenue.

On Monday night, in a unanimous decision, they voted to reinstate 12 positions that were cut.  It includes seven elementary school teachers and five behavioral specialists.

"We did it the same way that we did when we forecasted the cuts," said Superintendent Jay Badams.  "We took our numbers, we took a spreadsheet and saw where our largest class sizes were and then reduced them accordingly."

Many of the employees affected by the furloughs attended the meeting.  Most of them, like commercial arts teacher Joe Krol, who worked 21-years at Central Tech, didn't make the reenlistment list.

"I was in a program that was 77-years old, and it was very successful," said Krol.  "In my tenure, in a nine year period, we had over $2 million in scholarships, sent a lot of kids to a lot of big schools, they're out there as far away as California working in animation and advertising design, all sorts of things. Kind of hate to see that all end."

Approximately $2 million of the additional revenue, will help fund a bond issue for unfunded debt.  Instead of borrowing $8 million in bonds, the district will only have to ask for $6 million.

"We wanted to give something back to the taxpayer," said Erie School Board President Jim Herdzik.  "This is a tax rebate, because as I said, we're saving $300 thousand a year, over the course of 10 years, so it's going to be $3 million over the life of the bond."

But for teachers like Krol, the future remains uncertain.

"I'd do anything I can to try to help it get back on," said Krol.  "But I guess they just have to see with their budgetary needs are, and anything they can see fit bringing it back."


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