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Over 5,000 Kids Hurt Each Year From Falling Out Windows

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It's one of the scariest things a parent can experience...the sound of their child, falling from a second story window.

Recently, the Journal of Pediatrics, released results from a 18 year study, showing that this is happening, more than most realize.

Over 5,000 kids are injured every year, across the U.S., from falling out windows, at their homes.  Sadly, a large percentage of these kids are hospitalized for serious injuries.

The study, was conducted by researchers with Children's Hospital, in Columbus, Ohio.

Researches found that toddlers are the largest group of kids at risk, as they are often curious to find out what's happening outside, lean over, and then tumble out the window.

Janet Vogt, Supervisor of Erie's SafeKids, says toddler's top heavy bodies, play a big factor and their heads can easily push through the screens. Surprisingly... boys, were involved in more falls, than girls.

Experts say, the best ways to protect kids from falling, is to use locks, or window gates... but parents can also do a little more to help...

"One of the best things you can do is make sure there is no furniture around windows," said Vogt.  "So especially smaller children can't climb up on something and get out the window."

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