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Under the Hat: No Fast One

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It's a bit of a stretch to say that someone hoped to pull a fast one in Millcreek.

But it's also fair to at least raise an eyebrow when a special meeting called to discuss a contract for non-educational staff almost turned into a vote on 105 million dollars in spending.

The issue is whether to tear down McDowell High School and consolidate all 2500 students by expanding the next door McDowell Intermediate.

The top end renovation plan, which also includes moving the football field, would indeed top 100 million dollars.

Obviously, that's a lot of money and with it comes a lot of debate, some of it heated.

Oh well, that's what leadership is about; making the tough call and staying in the kitchen even if the thermometer is skyrocketing.

So when we first heard that the agenda for the special meeting included a possible vote on the renovations, the thought wasn't that someone was looking to pull a fast one but maybe someone was trying to hold down the uproar.

Hey, it was a bad idea when Art Modell moved the Browns out of Cleveland in the middle of the night.

It was a bad idea when lawmakers gave themselves a pay raise during a late night session and it would be a bad idea to sneak in a vote on so monumental an issue as incurring a debt the people of Millcreek will need a generation to pay off.

So I have to admit to a small chuckle when the vote was suddenly tabled.

The reason?

So that taxpayers would have more time to give their input.

Tearing down the high school and renovating the middle school is either a good idea or it isn't.

It is either worth doing or it isn't.

But whatever is to be done, it must be done out in the open.


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