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Updated: 5/28/14   

Some important info: CBS considers Erie TV market a Bills' market.

State lines have nothing to do with it, it is determined by how close Erie, Pa. is to Buffalo, closer than to Pittsburgh and Cleveland and it's been that way for decades. What this means is we MUST SHOW all Bills AWAY games. It doesn't matter when or where ... we must show them.

When the Bills are playing at home, we can REQUEST a Steelers or Browns game but again, we don't make the final determination ... this is up to CBS regional decisions involving more that just the Erie TV market.

The Sunday night game is an exclusive broadcast and separate from the early games - so, the Bills on the road rule does not apply to Sunday night, Monday or Thursday games.

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WICU and WSEE 2014 - 2015 NFL Schedule

Day Date Teams Times Station
Sunday 3-Aug Pre-Season NY Giants vs. NY Bills 8:00PM – CC WICU
Sunday 24-Aug Pre-Season Cincinnati vs. Arizona 8:00PM – CC WICU
Thursday 4-Sep Green Bay vs. Seattle 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 7-Sep Indianapolis vs. Denver 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 14-Sep Chicago vs. San Francisco 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 21-Sep Pittsburgh vs. Carolina 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 28-Sep New Orleans vs. Dallas 8:15PM - CC WICU
Sunday 5-Oct Cincinnati vs. New England 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 12-Oct * NY Giants v. Philadelphia 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 19-Oct * San Francisco vs. Denver 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 26-Oct * Green Bay vs. New Orleans 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 2-Nov * Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 9-Nov * Chicago vs. Green Bay 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 16-Nov * New England vs. Indianapolis 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 23-Nov * Dallas vs. NY Giants 8:15PM – CC WICU
Thanksgiving 27-Nov Seattle vs. San Francisco 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 30-Nov * Denver vs. Kansas 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 7-Dec * New England vs. San Diego 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 14-Dec * Dallas vs. Philadelphia 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 21-Dec * Seattle vs. Arizona 8:15PM – CC WICU
Sunday 28-Dec * Teams TBA 8:15PM - CC WICU



Jan Divisional Playoff Game
Sunday 1-Feb-15 SUPER BOWL XLIX Glendale, AZ IN-GAME WICU

Day Date Teams Time Station
Friday 22-Aug Pre-Season 8:00PM WSEE
Oakland vs. Green Bay
Saturday 23-Aug Pre-Season 8:00PM WSEE
New Orleans vs. Indianapolis
Sunday 7-Sep Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh 1:00PM WSEE
Thursday 11-Sep Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore 8:00PM
Sunday 14-Sep Miami vs. Buffalo 1:00PM WSEE
Sunday 14-Sep NY Jets vs. Green Bay 4:30PM
Thursday 18-Sep Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta 8:00PM WSEE
Sunday 21-Sep Baltimore vs. Cleveland 1:00PM
Sunday 21-Sep Denver vs. Seattle 4:30PM WSEE
Thursday 25-Sep NY Giants vs. Washington 8:00PM
Sunday 28-Sep Buffalo vs. Houston 1:00PM WSEE
Thursday 2-Oct Minnesota vs. Green Bay 8:00PM
Sunday 5-Oct Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville 1:00PM WSEE
Sunday 5-Oct Kansas City vs. San Francisco 4:30PM
Thursday 9-Oct Indianapolis vs. Houston 8:00PM WSEE
Sunday 12-Oct Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland 1:00PM
Thursday 16-Oct NY Jets vs. New England 8:00PM WSEE
Sunday 19-Oct Cleveland vs. Jacksonville 1:00PM
Thursday 23-Oct San Diego vs. Denver 8:00PM WSEE
Sunday 26-Oct Buffalo vs. NY Jets 1:00PM
Sunday 26-Oct Indianapolis vs. Pittsburgh 4:30PM WSEE
Sunday 2-Nov Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati 1:00PM WSEE
Sunday 2-Nov Denver vs. New England 4:30PM WSEE
Sunday 9-Nov Pittsburgh vs. NY Jets 1:00PM WSEE
Sunday 16-Nov Houston vs. Cleveland 1:00PM WSEE
Sunday 23-Nov Cleveland vs. Atlanta 1:00PM WSEE
Sunday 23-Nov Miami vs. Denver 4:30PM WSEE
Thanksgiving 27-Nov Chicago vs. Detroit 12:30PM WSEE
Sunday 30-Nov Cleveland vs. Buffalo 1:00PM WSEE
Sunday 30-Nov New England vs. Green Bay 4:30PM WSEE
Sunday 7-Dec Buffalo vs. Denver 4:00PM WSEE
Sunday 14-Dec Pittsburgh vs. Atlanta 1:00PM WSEE
Saturday 20-Dec Philadelphia vs. Washington 8:00PM WSEE
Sunday 21-Dec Kansas vs. Pittsburgh 1:00PM WSEE
Sunday 21-Dec Buffalo vs. Oakland 4:30PM WSEE
Sunday 28-Dec Buffalo vs. New England 1:00PM WSEE
Sunday 28-Dec Oakland vs. Denver 4:30PM WSEE



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