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Under the Hat: The Case of the Terrible Tom

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As reporters we must constantly remind ourselves that things are not always as they appear, that there are times when we must look past the obvious to find the truth beneath.

And so it was this week with the Case of the Terrible Tom.

It started when we received calls from Shannon Road neighbors complaining of an unwanted guest.

 It was a full grown tom turkey who set up shop in Mary Krugger's backyard and wouldn't go away.

Because he had a homemade bandage around one leg the Game Commission ruled him as domestic and as such not their problem.

But he was Mary's problem; he would perch on her car when she came back from errands, making it impossible for her to go out again.

He would stand on the back porch and stare at her through the sliding glass doors, for hours on end.

As you can imagine, that would get a little unnerving for Mary.

But he saved his most aggressive behavior for the neighbor's dog, who liked to roam around the homes.

He would rear back, throw open his wings and squawk, a maneuver that would send the petrified pup hauling tail back home.

A Terrible Tom, indeed.

But as diligent reporters we made a few phone calls.

We were told that Tom probably sat on the car because it was still warm or maybe something about it reminded him of home.

And the best guess is that he wasn't looking in on Mary at all, but rather seeing his own reflection in the sliding glass door he figured other birds were around.

And he also might be reluctant to leave if he truly is injured.

After our story aired a man came forward to say that he raises turkeys and would be willing to host and feed the bird until he healed or an owner is found.

To me, the Case of the Terrible Tom is a reminder that few things should be accepted at first glance; that we can't truly understand actions until we understand the motives behind those actions.

Maybe Tom wasn't Terrible after all, just cold and lonely, hurting and misunderstood.

That's my take on it anyway.

The neighbor's dog may have a completely different opinion.

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