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Under the Hat: Weekend of Relief

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Apparently there is some relief in sight for a week that could lead one to believe that maybe Al Gore had something with that global warming thing.

A 20 degree cool down from temperatures at or near 90 is a welcome development, especially for someone like me who remains, well, let's just say internally insulated.

We dutifully went about our business of detailing what was happening, going to the community pools, talking to roofers, asking how the sale of fans and air conditioners was going.

But frankly, after the time I've spent in the business, it gets harder each year to find new ways to say, "Stay inside and drink lots of water. Oh, and don't forget your pets."

Look, that's not to say that hot weather can't be dangerous, particularly to our elderly and shut-in populations who may not have access to air conditioning.

But for many of us, a few days of uncomfortable temperatures are mostly an annoyance; for me it fuels my general dislike for wearing ties for instance.

My family spent the time going to movies, not because they wanted to see anything in particular but because they could sit for two hours in a cool, dark room.

If I am proud of anything in our coverage this week it's that we managed to avoid the two biggest cliché stories when covering hot weather.

The first is handing a reporter a thermometer in a car and then closing all the doors and windows and waiting for a few minutes until he or she starts panting like a Pomeranian.

 The other is the old favorite of breaking an egg on a hot sidewalk or car hood to see if it will fry.

It usually doesn't, by the way, but a raw egg can be heck on a car's finish.

So welcome to the Weekend of Relief, relief that the temperatures have fallen and relief that we don't have to find more ways to say it's hot.

It's time to move on and talk about something else.

So, when do you think the snow will start this year?

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