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Lifeguards Take the Heat

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A lot of people have trouble dealing with the heat, but  what if you had to sit out in the sun for hours on end?

People joke that lifeguards have it easy, but the scorching sun is draining both physically and mentally.

When you walk outside you can physically feel the wave of heat coming over you and the PA Department of Health issued a release today warning about the serious health risks posed by the hot weather.

It's something that lifeguards can't take lightly, and supervisors are making sure their guards stay cool.

"We have a water cooler where they fill up their water bottles on break," said Water World Manager Dan Hudick. "I have two EMTs on staff actually walking around making sure everyone's okay, and giving them extra bathroom breaks if needed."

Zac Peters, Head Lifeguard at the Tri Community Pool in Harborcreek said that even when precautions are taken, the long hours in the sun still takes a toll. "We've had guards that just, 7:00 comes around at the end of the night and they're just dragging... and they've been doing everything right," he said. "They've sat under the umbrellas, they've worn their sunscreen, they've drank water, but you know 7 hours in 90 degree sunlight, it'll get you."

With long hours in the heat, it's essential that the guards rotate to take breaks and keep their energy up.

Heat stroke and Heat exhaustion are among the dangers the Health Department pointed out,  and they said it's especially important that children and senior citizens stay out of the heat.

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