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Under the Hat: An Act of Idiocy

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One of the best parts of my job is that I get a front row seat to the entire spectrum of the human experience.

I get to see accomplishments, the overcoming of odds and the power of perseverance.

One of the worst parts of my job is that I get a front row seat to the entire spectrum of the human experience.

I also see depravity, the complete disregard for the well being of others and in some cases, sheer stupidity.

And that brings us to Northstar, a family horse on a Crawford County farm injured when someone threw accelerant on him and set him on fire, presumably for no other reason than to see a horse run around aflame.

Northstar suffered second degree burns in the attack leading to grave concerns about infection given that horses normally don't hang out in the most sterile of conditions.

The vet says there's a long road to recovery and rates Northstar's chances right now at 50-50.

When Emily Matson first aired this story the response was overwhelming. Our website and Facebook page were jammed with people offering encouragement and advice. Some even had treatment options.

And almost all of them wanted to put the head of the offender on a pike for causing such pain in a defenseless animal.

Somebody somewhere along the line will look for the bigger picture in this; how video games and movies harden our children to violence, how the disintegration of the nuclear family leaves kids with little direction and no common sense.

I prefer to think of this for what it no doubt is: an act of idiocy.

A donor has stepped forward to offer six hundred dollars for information that leads to an arrest.

I hope someone takes him up on it.

And by the looks of our Facebook page, I'm not alone.


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