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Under the Hat: Calming Erie

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It's a question we hear as much as any other these days:

What are people doing to get the illegal guns off Erie's streets?

Indeed, it seems almost daily when we report some incident of shots fired; sometimes people are wounded, sometimes people die.

It's led to something of a Wild West reputation for the city, which is unfounded by the statistics.

It's also led to charges that no one is doing anything, and that is unfounded too.

Over the next month the stations of Lilly Broadcasting will be showing you exactly what is being done to reduce violence.

It is a comprehensive effort, led by the U.S. Attorney's office, to bring together just about everybody to the cause; police, city leaders, clergy, social workers, researchers, prosecutors, even family members of victims.

It's comprehensive because it not only deals with enforcement but also with prevention and re-entry into society from jail.

The thinking is, if we wait to prosecute the 18-year old who uses a gun it's too late.

Better yet would be addressing that kid when he's 8 or 9 so he doesn't pick up the gun in the first place.

Make no mistake; it's a daunting, deep rooted task with many causes.

That's why a holistic approach seems to make sense because solutions here won't come easy.

There is no magic pill.

But the alternative is to do nothing, which is unacceptable given that the lives of our children are literally at stake.

I've said before that it may or may not take a village to raise a child, but it's sure going to take a village to keep a gun out of that kid's hands.

This effort that you will hear much more about in the coming weeks looks to be Erie's best chance.

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