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Attorney Requests Investigation Against Prison Officer

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At the Erie County Prison, an employee is once again being accused of breaking the law.

On Tuesday, Attorney Jeff Del Fuoco filed a request to District Attorney Jack Daneri asking for a criminal investigation against a correctional officer.

"It was an assault on a correctional officer by another correctional officer, during the duty day with witnesses, with severe bodily injury," said Del Fuoco. "That's aggravated assault under PA law."

Del Fuoco represents a female office that filed the complaint.  According to the complaint, she claims she was assaulted over a ten year span.  But the most recent incident, happened last September.

"What he did, is he came up behind her, grabbed her by the back of the hair, and violently yanked her head down to the point where she was almost bent over to the floor," said Del Fuoco.  "As a result, she suffered severe injuries."

In a document we obtained signed by the accused, it states that he did in fact yank her hair.  But, he goes on to say that at no point did he hear any part of the officer's neck crack or snap.  According to Del Fuoco, that's not going to cut it.

"This is a sworn law enforcement officer," said Del Fuoco.  "He knows what the rules are.  He knows what the rules are of prison.  He knows what the criminal law says.  He decided to violate it anyway, and he shouldn't be allowed to escape criminal liability."

Meanwhile, we brought the complaint to Erie County Councilwoman Carol Loll, who serves as a liason to the Erie County Prison, and asked her for her thoughts on the situation.

"The county executive has formed a board and I happen to be on the board," said Loll.  "When that convenes, we're going to have a real good group of people that will take a look at the prison and come up with any problems that they may have, and we'll see what we can do to fix it."

The district attorney and county executive wouldn't comment today, as they're just getting the paperwork and reviewing it.


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