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Taking Action Against Violence: Neighborhood Watch Group is "Getting It Dunn"

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All this month, we're taking an in-depth look at how our area is trying to prevent violence.

Of course, neighborhood watch groups are crucial in those efforts.

In Erie, three men have joined together to form a unusual watch group.
Fred Lane, Jermaine Hunter, and Javier Perez, are part of the "Get it Dunn" neighborhood watch.
It's along Dunn Boulevard, on Erie's east side.
They're patrolling the neighborhood, cleaning it up, and most importantly, reaching out to kids.

"We're trying to give them options. Give them things to do that will have them as they get older, and they can move into neighborhoods, hopefully we've planted the seed." Said Lane.
"They don't have nowhere to play like they used to. Things are just crazy now a days, and we're just trying to make it safe for everybody down here." Perez added.
"So the kids that are in this neighborhood, we watch them constantly. We're vigilant about raising our kids in a safe environment and showing them how to be productive in society." Said Hunter.

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