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Erie Community Foundation Making Holidays Brighter for Food Bank

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The Erie Community Foundation is teaming up with the Second Harvest Food Bank to make sure local families have holiday meals on the table.

"Our last hunger study taught us that over 72 thousand people are receiving food from our food bank each year," said Karen Seggi, the food bank's executive director. "Unfortunately, that need continues."

And the demand at the food bank especially grows during the holiday season, where many celebrations center around a meal.

"This is a very busy time for the Second Harvest Food Bank," said Seggi, "we focus on feeding people each and every day, but it's... so much more meaningful to do something special over the holiday season."

The food bank distributes over nine million pounds of food each year, across eleven counties. It's a task that would be nearly impossible without help from the community, and this year the Erie Community Foundation has pledged their support during the busy holiday season. 

Now the foundation is asking for your support, through social media.

All you have to do is click the "like" button on the Erie Community Foundation or the Erie Vital Signs facebook page,  and it will translate into money for the food bank.

"For every new like we get we're going to donate a dollar to the food bank," said Mike Batchelor of the Erie Community Foundation, "and that dollar at the food bank will... help them feed 6,000 families during a time of need."

It will take 2,000 new likes to meet their goal, but they're also hoping to draw people to their web site, to learn about other community programs.

Whether donating on your own, or simply clicking "like", the holidays are a perfect opportunity to give back.

"It's time for those that don't need help to give thanks," said Batchelor, "those of us that are lucky to have some extra resources and can give back to the community."

To go to the Erie Community Foundation's facebook page, click here.

To go to the Erie Vital Signs facebook page, click here.

Lilly Broadcasting will hold its annual food drive at the station on November 14th.

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