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Beaches in Good Shape

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The beaches at Presque Isle look good, but there are still a few trouble spots. That's the word after today's annual fall survey. More than a dozen walkers today covered 7 miles of shoreline.

Experts say the park escaped serious damage from Hurricane Sandy. Some erosion was found near Beach 5 and Beach 7 but generally the beaches are in good shape.

 Park Manager Harry Leslie said, "We knew going into this fall the lake elevation is about a foot below the 100 year average. And anytime Lake Erie is low going into the winter that is a good thing for beach erosion."

 Managers expect to have about $3 million to spend on next year's sand replenishment program, roughly the same total as this year.

 A large quantity of sand is already stored at North Pier. That sand will be used in early spring before new sand arrives at the park.

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