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Harvard Astronomer Reveals New Research of Universe

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Dr. Richard Kirshner, astronomer at Harvard University, was in town for the third night of this year's Jefferson Educational Society Global Summit.

On Thursday, Kirshner shared information about our universe. He said its not so much about a hot, dense big bang as it is the expansion of stars and galaxies that's causing our universe to expand at quicker rate that what was expected. 

That information came from discoveries he and two of his students made while researching the expanding universe.  That research won a Noble Prize.

Kirshner said that even though Thursday's speech wasn't about the science behind creating the new iPhone or something that makes you live to be 200 years old, what he shared helps us understand the directions our world's heading.

"This is more about finding out how the world work," said Kirshner. "I think its quite important and I think astronomy and big ideas of the universe are a way for a lot of people to get involved in science and that's important for our country."

Friday wraps up this year's summit. The speakers will be Ira Byock and noon and Barry Casselman at 7:30 PM. Both will be at the Jefferson Educational Society.

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