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Under the Hat: Neither Rhythm nor Reason

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The human mind seeks logic, not the easiest of quests in what is often an illogical world.

And while my business is usually pretty good at providing the whos and whats and wheres of a situation, the whys are often much murkier.

Why, we have been asked, has there been this string of bank and credit union robberies in our area?

Is it because the holidays are coming?

Is it a sign of more economic hard times?

Is it proof that people are looking for the easy way out, no longer willing to work hard to make a go of it?

The truth is that there is neither rhythm nor reason to why we've had eight robberies in the last two weeks.

We know that half of them are related to a group of people desperately looking for money to fuel their heroin habits.

As for the rest of them?

Who knows?

As Chief Steve Franklin says, "We'll ask them when we catch them."

Most people do not get away with bank robberies.

Most bank robberies are not the well planned, down-to-the-second capers you see in the movies.

Most are just people passing by worried about money who make a bad snap decision that affects them for years.

Logic tells us that any way you look at it, robbing a bank is a bad idea, a plan where the risk simply doesn't add up to the reward.

Then again, we don't really live in a logical world, do we?

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