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County Executive to Petition for Term Limits

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Erie County Executive Barry Grossman wants voters to decide whether there should be term limits for elected officials.

On Thursday, Grossman announced that he will begin a petition drive, to set up term limits for certain positions.

Grossman is hoping to place a three term limit on his office, as well as all seven county council positions.  He wants it to be a question on the May election ballot.

"I think in the way that we crafted our amendment, that limits people to three terms or 12 years, is more than enough for a person to go in, do a good job, and then move on." said Grossman.

But in the form of a letter, Erie County Council members announced that they will not vote on that plan.  So we asked them why...

Phil Fatica (D) District 1:

"I think that is a sledgehammer approach here, because I think what we have suggested, and I think we're going to pass I'm sure, is that the look of the Home Rule Charter be reevaluated.  It's been almost 35 years next year, and that's time to do that."

Carol Loll (R) District 7:

"I've got 13 municipalities I'm in charge of... and learning about them takes time.  By the time you get done with term limits, you're going to be out of your seat and unable to run again, and be able to represent the people you now have the qualifications to represent."

Fiore Leone (D) District 3:

"I've been on this council now for 35 years, and I've gone through 10 elections.  And obviously, the people who have put me back in, they must think that I'm doing a decent job, and I'd like to believe that I've done a good job."

Grossman must now collect 8,500 petitions to place this as a question on the ballot.  But, with that being said...

"Whatever the voters decide, in the May primary, I will abide by," said Grossman.  "If the voters reject this, you'll never here me utter it again while I'm in office."

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