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Macy's Gives Gift of Time with Marathon Shopping Hours

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This year there's no excuse for not getting your Christmas shopping done.

"All of a sudden yesterday I thought 'oh we still have to get gifts for so and so!'" said panicked shopper Susan Lechner on Saturday.

Not to worry Susan, Macy's has you covered.

Stores around the country are open for 65 hours straight, the weekend before Christmas, and this is the first year that the Macy's in the Millcreek Mall is offering the extra hours, too.

"They like being able to shop on their time, when it was convenient for them," said store sales manager Tony Tenfelde. "Particularly with last minute gift giving, you never know when you need to go out and get something that fits into your schedule, so we wanted to be there for our customers."

Employees didn't mind covering the night shift. "We gave surveys to our management and our associates... a lot of them like being late owls," said Tenfelde. He said they were still bright and bubbly, when he got in at 6:00 a.m.  

The snow didn't stop shoppers from taking advantage of the extra hours. People even came from outside of Erie to check the last few things off their list.

"I'm from Franklin but I flew out from San Diego where I live now," said Jonelle Davis, who was joined in her last minute shopping by her mom, aunts and grandmother.

"I'm actually starting today, I haven't even Christmas shopped because I've been so busy with work," Davis admitted.

Rob Waid came in from Meadville with his wife. The two planned to get everything they needed at the mall and upper Peach Street before returning home.

Macy's is giving the gift of time, which everyone agrees, has no price tag.

"The holidays just get busy," said Davis, "it's here before you know it, it's such a quick month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it just flies by."

"I'm going through my list myself," said Tenfelde,"and I think ill be one of the last minute shoppers too."

If you haven't finished your shopping yet, Macy's will be open through midnight on December 23rd.   

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