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Mild Winter Hurts Some Local Businesses

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While many people are enjoying the lack of snow and ice so far this winter, it has been tough on some area businesses. A mild winter is not good for their bottom line.

 Private plow companies have certainly taken a hit. The only significant plowing they did was for a few days after Christmas.

 One of the area's biggest companies, Gerlach's Landscaping has about 60 vehicles for snow removal, including plows and salt trucks. And close to 100 employees including sub-contractors.

Right now they are all idled. So both the company and employees are feeling the pain.

 Adam Gerlach  said , "It hurts when we don't get a snowy winter. Employees? A lot of them are collecting unemployment. We have probably close to 100 people if it is snowing."

 Companies that cater to ice fishermen are also hurting. Business is down about 30% at Fish USA on Pittsburgh Avenue.

 Employee Jay Prazer said, "We really have seen less people buying gear, less sales through the Internet, less people walking in and buying gear."

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