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Sheetz, Millcreek Still Far Apart on Proposed Store

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Sheetz sent six people to Tuesday's meeting of the Millcreek Supervisors. The company wants to convince the panel that a proposed convenience store and gas station would not detract from the natural beauty of Presque Isle.  The store would be built at the El Patio Motel site on 8th and Peninsula. That's less than a half mile from the entrance of the park.

"In my opinion, I think they've made a good faith effort to kind of meet the concerns, address the concerns of Millcreek Township," said James McCormick, Sheetz Attorney.

Among other things, the supervisors want an outside sign to be no more than eight feet high. Sheetz wanted 20 feet, but is only willing to go down to 16.

"They have to advertise the price of gasoline. They have to make sure that sign can be seen by potential customers," said McCormick.

Sheetz did make a change to the base of the gas pump canopies. It now would be brown to match the brick exterior of the store. But, the company will not change the bright red and yellow color of the canopy top.

"That is part of Sheetz' brand image. That canopy is something that we hold dear to our stores and we're going to stay firm on that red canopy for that site," said David Mastrostefano, Sheetz Engineer.

The two sides also disagree on lighting, and on ways to keep traffic from cutting through the motel lot to the Sheetz store. 

"I think that there's a ways that we're apart yet and we need to come a little bit closer together before we make an approval on this project," said Supervisor Joe Kujawa.

The issue has been tabled for at least another two weeks, giving both sides more time to compromise. The area at 8th and Peninsula is zoned for a store and gas station.  However, supervisors are permitted to make stipulations to the project's design.



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