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Poll Shows Wide Support of Corbett Plan to Privatize Liquor Sales

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A new statewide poll says that Pennsylvania voters of all stripes support privatizing the state wine and spirits sales business.  The conservative Commonwealth Foundation commissioned the poll. They contacted 800 voters statewide and found that 61% favor privatization, while 35% oppose getting the state out of the liquor business and 5% just don't know.

When you break down the survey by gender, age or even political party, the majority in each case still comes out in favor of privatizing the system.  The top reason voters say they favor the change is wanting to see less government regulation.   But voters also said they want the convenience of being able to buy alcohol in the supermarket, they want to keep up with what works in other states and they believe with a free market approach, prices will be more competitive.

Although the current plan to privatize comes from  Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, even Democrats and union members support the sale by a 52 - 43% margin.

Corbett believes his plan will generate one billion dollars over five years for public education. For more information on the poll http://www.boozefacts.com/liquor_facts/detail/privatization-poll

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