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Corry Trying to Attract Hotel Developer

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Corry has not had a hotel in 3 decades. Now, community leaders say it's time to change that.

They say the lack of hotel rooms hurts local businesses, civic groups, and even families. So they are hunting for a developer to build a small hotel.

 One company they are focusing on, Cobblestone Hotels, specializes in small complexes in small communities. Local investors put up money to become part owners.

 Erie County Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Rick Novotny said, "The concept we are looking at is a community owned hotel, where investors within the community contribute $25,000 to $100,000 or more each. And they would be owners of the hotel along with the developer itself."

 Supporters hope the project can move forward within a year. The estimated cost of a new, small hotel is about $3 million.

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