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Under the Hat: An Abhorred Vacuum

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Like nature, we too abhor a vacuum. One of the reasons why I'm able to do the job I do is because at our core we are curious.

It's not enough to know that something has happened. We need to know why it happened.

That urge is adding to the frustration over the past couple of weeks over the search for 17-year old Jacob Samusenko, who was last seen in front of his house at the end of January.

It has prompted several searches of his bayfront neighborhood from volunteers, all without success.

It's not unheard of for a teenager to run away from home, but this case has been unusual from the outset.

Unlike most runaways Jacob does not have a history of problems or even of trying to leave before.

He was a good kid who was there and then he wasn't.

People don't just disappear, they say, but so far Jacob has managed to defy that axiom as well.

Police are interviewing family members and friends and neighbors looking for a clue but say that right now one theory is as plausible as the next.

And because people can't stand the vacuum of not knowing, the wait is being filled with all kinds of phone calls to the TV station with all kinds of scenarios, many proving why shows like CSI are still popular.

Some believe that Jacob was taken because the family owes money; some think he may have accidentally fallen into the bay and still others think he is lying low until he turns 18 and can be free from a caring if strict family.

But unlike crime dramas cases like Jacob's aren't solved in an hour. There's no sudden burst of inspiration that leads to a confession.

Police must slowly and methodically grind through leads, even the wildest of notions. They're getting phone calls too.

And for the rest of us comes the frustration of not being able to do anything to help, as we simply wait to learn if this is much ado about nothing, or another tragedy striking one of our children.

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