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Erie Police Chief Details Motive In Weekend Stabbing

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Three teens are sitting behind bars, charged with  stabbing a former marine in his east Erie driveway.
Now, police are releasing details on the motive.
An Erie man remained hospitalized Monday night, after three kids stabbed him three times, then beat him severely.
All apparently, because the victim said something that made them mad.

The teens are identified as 15 year old Julien Alvarado, 16 year old Andrew Hiltabidel, and 17 year old Rodney Caldwell.
While they're all facing charges including aggravated assault, Caldwell is the teen suspected of stabbing the victim.

It happened Friday night, around 11:00.
Police say the three teens attacked the victim in the driveway of his east 8th street home.
The victim's identified as 38 year old Michael Williams Jr..
He's a Marine Corps veteran, and father of 6.
We spoke with the police chief Monday, for details on the motive. Apparently, Williams made a comment, saying something that angered them.
He suffered 3 deep stab wounds, broken ribs, internal bleeding, a collapsed lung, and several other injuries.

"We believe they were upset over some remarks that were made by the victim. Not directly to them, but evidently they overheard some remarks that were made, took offense to that, then acted on that emotion." Said Erie Police Chief Steve Franklin.

The teens were placed in the Erie county prison, on $25,000 dollars bond, they're charged as adults under the Fisher Bill.

"We are permitted to charge a juvenile as an adult based on the severity of the crime. In this particular case it was an aggravated assault, they did stab the victim multiple times and as a result they were charged under the fisher bill." Said Franklin.

Even knowing a motive, the victim's family says they can't understand just why these kids would this.

"I don't understand the young kids. They're carrying weapons, they're not afraid to use them they don't care if it's daylight or nighttime, Said the victim's father, Michael Williams Sr. "They don't care, and it's not just hurting somebody, this was senseless, if you got a person down why stab them in the back and have another person start kicking them in the head and ribs and stuff like that?" Williams added.

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