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Nuns Hold First Take Back the Site of the Year

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Thursday, at 2412 Pennsylvania Avenue, nuns throughout the community gathered to take back the site for Erie's first homicide victim, 35-year-old Aderian Page.

"It just touches my heart to know that my brother was loved like this, to know what we are loved like this," said Page's sister Janaya Page.  

Page's body was found three weeks ago in a backyard, just houses away from where he lived. Police have since charged 48-year-old Robert Quick with Page's murder.

Janaya said she doesn't understand why someone would do this to her brother. She's still trying to make sense of this violent outcome.

"I'm sorry that it happened like this and that we couldn't help you and that we love you so much and that we miss you so much. I'm so sorry."

The nuns also don't understand why the violence has to happen in the first place. Sister Marlene of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie said there was a record-setting number of homicides in the city last year. She's hoping that it won't be the same way this year.

"We want to wake people up to the fact that there's a way to resolve conflict without violence," said Sister Marlene. "We hope that these vigils will make people aware of the violence that is around them and maybe take actions to say there has to be something we can do to stop all this violence."

Sister Marlene says they will continue to hold these vigils until they see the violence come to an end. 


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