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Prayer Vigil Held To Remember Jacob Samusenko

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Family, friends, and even strangers gathered Thursday night to pray for Jacob Samusenko.
He's the teen, discovered dead this week, after missing for 2 months.
They held a prayer vigil at the spot where his body was recovered, a place his family says he loved to visit.

It was bitter cold, but that didn't stop more than a hundred mourners from gathering near Dobbins Landing.
They prayed for 17 year old Jacob Samusenko, and his family and friends.
Jacob was missing for 2 months, before Monday, when his body was pulled from the waters, near Dobbins Landing.

"It's very hard. I didn't want this answer, but at the same time to not have to wonder anymore, I think there is going to be healing in that." Said Jacob's Pastor and Principal, David Miles.

The Samusenko family is very religious, relying on prayer through this entire ordeal.
"Just how they supported each other is amazing. They are just so close and showed great faith through all of this." Said Miles.

Family friends and even complete strangers turned out for the vigil. Strangers we spoke with say it was something they felt they had to do.
"Just because something in my heart told me to be here, I told my daughter I wanted to be there and she said go. I'm here because I felt I just wanted to support the family and be here." Said Chris Nickson of Erie.

And that support, throughout this difficult time, be it prayers or the many volunteers who helped search for Jacob, the family says all has meant the world.

"I would like to thank everyone, and God bless everyone." Said Jacob's mother, Nadia Samusenko."

And while this is the outcome everyone had dreaded for months, through their faith, the family says they can now find peace.

"We know now where he is, and he's obviously in a better place." Said Jacob's cousin Lyubov Rafferty.

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