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Sewage System Change for Peninsula?

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Managers of Presque Isle are now considering a big change in the way sewage is handled at the state park. And it could eventually mean a big cost savings.

 Right now the park has its own system which includes a treatment plant and collection systems tied into the park's restrooms. But the system is expensive to operate and maintain.

So managers today told the Presque Isle Advisory Committee they might eventually tap into the Millcreek sewer system which would take all the waste off the park.

 Millcreek Supervisor Brian McGrath said, "We are nowhere near capacity in that area. The little bit that the state park generates would be easily handled by that system."

 Park Manager Harry Leslie said, "When you look at the cost comparisons between what it costs to maintain and keep up what we have going into it, versus tapping into and paying a quarterly fee. It really is a no brainer on that aspect, financially it would make a lot of sense."

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