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Wine on the Lake Helps Wineries Expand Reach

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4,000 people made it a sold out crowd for Wine on the Lake this year at the Bayfront Convention Center.

Bottles were stocked and glasses were set, ready to serve the eager lines of wine tasters at Wine on the Lake.

"It's good friends, good food, good wine, why not?" said Melissa Rich of Warren, who was celebrating her 40th birthday at the event.

"There's two busses that come from Warren so it's a lot of fun," said her friend Julie Johnson. "I really recommend it for everybody."

"We make our own wine so we wanted to come up here and... taste the different wineries," said Chris Coalella, who came in from Aliquippa. 

It's clearly not just Erie that loves wine. Hundreds of people came from surrounding areas to taste the region's finest.

Both local and out of town wineries raised a glass to expanding their customer base.

"If you look around we have wineries as far away as 100 miles coming up here to share with us," said Nick Mobilia of Arrowhead Wine Cellars. 

"This is a good opportunity for you to reach out and meet new people. The hard thing about any business is reaching out and advertising," said Mobilia, "so right now basically each one of these people is a potential customer."

"It seems like a lot of our traffic is from the Pittsburgh and Buffalo area," said Kelly Chylinski of Presque Isle Wine Cellars. "It's just wonderful to get out and have all of the Erieites come in."

"It's good to get our name out, get out of our area, and come somewhere different," said Rick Zampogna, owner of Flickerwood Wine Cellars in Kane.

Something that may not be good for business though, is the impending threat of liquor privatization in Pennsylvania.

"My personal opinion is it would not help the wineries in Pa," said Bob Mazza of Mazza Wineries. "We do a lot of business with the Pa state store system... and I would see it as a detriment to our business going forward."

Mobilia agrees. "We have a nice system right now and they really need to look at (if they) want to deviate from it."

But for now, vintners focused on the positive.

"We're gonna put a smile on our face and hopefully have enough help here to help serve the wines and sell a few bottles too," said Mazza.

Lilly Broadcasting would like to thank everyone for making the event a success again this year.

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