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FAA Considering Changing Rules for Electronic Usage

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We've all heard it as we're getting ready to take off while flying, "please turn off al electronics." That, though, could soon be changing.

We spoke with travelers at the Erie International Airport, to see how they felt about the Federal Aviation Administration relaxing some of their electronic regulations, they say they don't understand why right now we can't use certain devices while taking off or landing.

For years now,  passengers aboard airplanes have not been allowed to use any electronic devices when flying below 10,000 feet.  However, the FAA is considering changing those rules, to allow for some devices to be turned on.

We stopped by the ERI Cafe Wednesday, asking travelers what they thought of these changes. They say they don't mind turning off their phones, but said they aren't sure why in this day and age we can't use them.

They only problem they see that could arise from using phones and other devices such as mp3 players and e-readers during take off, is a safety concern.

"I would imagine that the airlines could easily make a rule that said everything is turned off so you can listen to the safety regulations and then you're free to go," said Amy Fenton, from Cape Cod.   

"The safety concerns would be more on the take off, because that's when they're talking about it," said Jim Rigney, from Philadelphia. "Any other time, if you don't know something's happening with the plane, it's bouncing a lot more than normal, than you should probably get off your phone."

A decision is expected to come sometime this summer.

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