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Local Terrorism Expert Reacts to Boston Marathon Bombing

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"Anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror."  

With that statement, President Obama made it clear on Monday that the bombing of the Boston Marathon was officially an act of terror.

On Tuesday, local terrorism expert, Bob Heibel, said there was never any doubt of that.

"I can guarantee you that the word has gone out nation-wide to all the joint terrorism task forces that were created after 9/11," said Heibel, a former FBI Agent and Founder of the Intelligence Studies Program at Mercyhurst University.

Heibel tells us he believes this is a domestic act of terror, one that was done by the ultra right.

It was revealed that pressure cookers were used to create these bombs, and Heibel says there is plenty of information out there to show how to make one.

"The devices, black powder devices with ball bearings and other scrap medals. Pretty rudimentary, the time is more sophisticated."

As law enforcement looks for suspects, Heibel says after being in the FBI for 25 years, it's important not to jump to conclusions.

"If you remember, the Centennial Park bombing in Atlanta, they initially thought they had a subject. They, the FBI, went a long way with that investigation, but they found out they were wrong."    

Right now, Heibel said, it's important to be very careful about paranoia, especially with the Pittsburgh Marathon just three weeks away.

"They'll be 50,000 people coming in, and there are probably some that say why don't we call it off. I think until we see that this is more than just a one time act, I wouldn't get too paranoid about it, but I'd certainly be careful and do things to increase security."

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