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Erie FBI Agent Talks About The Complex Investigation In Boston

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The FBI has the lead on the complicated investigation into the bombings in Boston.
We caught up with a local FBI agent, to get a closer look at how they handle these types of situations.

When it comes to acts of terrorism, the FBI is the primary law enforcement, designated to investigate these types of crimes.
And when an explosion is involved, it makes for a very large and complex crime scene.

We spoke with Special Agent Jason Crouse, to get his take on this incident.
At any point, he could be called in to assist in a situation, such as the bombings in Boston.
According to Crouse, these type of crime scenes can be extremely difficult to investigate.
The FBI has to account for every item that is recovered at the scene.
And with an explosion, there could be thousands upon thousands of items that need to be documented.
And then, there's the human element.

 "It's very difficult.  Because you not only have the high end number of pieces of evidence that could be the result of the explosion, you have a great number of witnesses involved. A great number of victims involved. So the needs that need covered, the avenues that need addressed, are so great, it takes a great team effort from the state, the local and the federal agencies." Said Erie FBI Agent, Jason Crouse.

According to Crouse, the bombings serve as a reminder that these types of situations can happen anywhere, at anytime.
And he says that if you see anything suspicious, it is important to contact authorities.

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