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Make over your outdoor furniture


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Prepping the deck and setting up a sweet outdoor living room is a surefire way to usher in springtime with style. You know what? Blogger Myra from My Blessed Life shared 29 ways to update outdoor furniture on a tight budget. Want to know what else? Not only are these ideas for refinishing outdoor furniture cheap, they are also (mostly) easy projects that could be done in a weekend. Most of these projects involve paint (especially spray paint). Some involve sewing. If you have a well-stocked craft and DIY supply closet, some could cost less than nothing. Here are a few projects from Myra's Outdoor Furniture Makeovers Hometalk clipboard that would be awesome to do right now, this weekend. 

How to paint rusty iron garden furniture:  Karen, a DIY painter in Frederick, Maryland, shows everyone the ropes when it comes to turning old, icky iron garden furniture into lovely places to sit. In short, you will wash down the iron bench (or table, or whatever) with a wire brush and soapy water; then you'll scrape it down with a scraper; then you'll cover the whole thing with Rust Reformer; and when it is dry, you'll paint it with metal enamel paint.

Dumpy chairs become an outdoor bench: The lovely Jen from Four Marrs and One Venus showed everybody how to make a very snazzy garden bench from a bunch of dumpy old chairs and some Wal Mart cushions. This DIY outdoor bench project involves prepping and painting three old matching wooden chairs, then mounting a DIY cushioned bench top to them. It helps to have a sewing machine for this one, but it could be finagled without one.

Transform an old dresser into a rolling bar: If you are styling your porch with vintage porch accessories, make sure that you include a vintage bar cart. I mean, where else would you mix up those mint juleps? This project could be done by any handyman or weekend warrior. Refinishing an old ugly dresser takes some brawn and elbow grease, but Bliss Ranch shows us that it's totally worth it.

Are you planning to redo your outdoor furniture? Talk to us! We love comments.

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