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Body Found Believed to be Missing Warren Man

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The month long search for missing Warren scout master Dan Wolboldt, has ended.

Searchers found what they believe to be his body on Sunday in Conewango Creek, during an organized search.

Our crews were in warren today, just as the news broke.

Those who spent the last month searching and praying for Wolboldt held out hope that he would be found alive.

"I think all of us have been hoping for the best but knowing that it might not end that way," said Buddy Ward, the pastor at North Warren Presbyterian Church where Wolboldt was a member. 

But during a Saturday morning search, their worst fears were confirmed.

Searchers found the body in the Conewango Creek by the 5th Avenue bridge. It's within miles of Wolboldt's home, and the creek runs through his backyard.

Rescue workers pulled a body from the creek just after noon, three hours after an organized search began, with volunteers scouring land and water for the 69-year- old.

Ward got the news after praying for Wolboldt at Sunday mass.

"It wasn't until after the service," he said, "one of the congregation members had gotten a text from her husband who was on the team."

Ward said the past month has been a trying time for the entire community.

"Being someone especially as prominent as Dan, acting as a chaplain and as our scout leader... in many ways it's been difficult for all of us."

It will be especially tough for the young Boy Scouts, who miss their beloved Scout Master.

"We've been meeting with them every week to answer any questions or anything that they might have, and it's been good to be able to have that," said Ward. 

Even though the result of the search was a hard hitting reality, Ward hopes it will start to bring some closure to a community in mourning.

"It brings some closure to it, but unfortunately a sad ending," he said. 

According to District Attorney Ross McKeirnan, an autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

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