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Rep. Kelly, PA Democrats On Immigration Reform

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Since the Boston Marathon terrorist attacks, immigration reform talk has propelled into the spotlight once again. Representative Mike Kelly, (R) 3rd District, says our current immigration laws aren't working.

"The perpetrators in Boston bombing, there were all here on student visas," said Kelly. "Now the question is how closely did we check, how closely are we monitoring? And when we get information, are we sharing it between the different agencies?"

A survey by Quinnipiac shows 70% of registered voters say the bombings haven't changed their minds on the issue.

Pennsylvania democrats commend President Obama on his role in the reform.

"The president stepped up and showed a willingness to lead on the issue and put a bill up for discussion that gives everyone a fair chance," said Chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party Jim Burn.

Now, lawmakers are torn on whether they should grant amnesty or secure our borders first. Rep. Kelly believes in securing the border, so the number of undocumented immigrants, which is currently estimated to be around 11 million, doesn't grow.

One thing, though, that both sides can agree on, is the there needs to be compromise to pass this legislation.  
"If enough moderates on the other side step up and reach across, we can see some bipartisan compromise and move the president's agenda on that issue forward," said Burn.

"A compromise can only take place when both parties believe there is a problem, and agree on what that problem is. Then you can compromise to get a solution. But if one party doesn't think it's a problem and the other does, there's no compromise there," said Kelly.

There is currently a group of eight bipartisan senators, known as the Gang of Eight, spearheading this reform bill.

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