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Week 6... "Pain Means it's Working"

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  It was back to the gym for me this week- a welcome hiatus from the wrath of the sand pit! But of course it didn't get easier (remember Lisa said it never will; greater strength will be met with more reps and longer intervals). I actually felt weaker this week than I have since the start, and Lisa continued to remind me with each strugglesome move that the workout was designed to exhaust.

  We did some band work for the first time in training, you can take a look at how to use different sized resistance bands for a total body workout. The resistance can be aggravating, and I definitely wouldn't hesitate to say it was my least favorite part of the workout, but adding it to your routine helps mix it up and keeps you challenged.

 There were a few times during this latest session where I made it pretty clear I was in pain, whether through twisted faces or exasperated gasps. Every time Lisa would tell me that the pain was a good thing, it meant I was working hard, and that the exercises were doing what they were supposed to do.

 She actually tried to convince me that instead of being mad at the pain, I should be happy, because that's how it was supposed to feel. I tried to force a smile around number one fifty of two hundred scissor kicks, and it almost worked.

 We did a good amount of arm work, including dips on parallel bars (see photo). You'll feel these in every arm muscle from your wrist to your shoulder. Keep the feet lightly on the floor, but don't rely on them. Just kind of stay on your toes. This should take extra pressure off, until you build up the strength to lift your feet off the floor completely. Lisa said this will be a very impressive feat if I'm able to eventually do it.

 The goal of fitting cardio into our strength-based session continued, with aerobic work both inside and out. I may have mentioned the joys of "rabbit chasers" before, but this time I've included a couple pictures in the slideshow so you can see what I'm talking about.

 "Rabbit chasers" an extreme form of mountain climbers. It takes an extra push to bring your feet all the way up to your hands on every jump. Start out by setting your stopwatch for a minute and see how many you can do. I moved up to two minutes this week, and I can tell you that pacing is key. Don't kill yourself over it,

 As you ramp up your reps this week, don't forget Lisa's advice to work at 70% when training. Once again, the goal is to survive, to finish, whether it's fifteen reps or a 12 mile obstacle course.

 Feel free to leave comments, or email me at ewelsh@wicu12.com.

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