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Capstone Project Supports Buying Local

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Buying local was the theme of a capstone project for communications students at Mercyhurst University.

A college education culminated in a trade show. "This is the accumulation of all of their knowledge throughout their four years here at Mercyhurst," said Communications Department Chair Meghan Corbin.

Students promoted the Erie Chamber of Commerce "buy local" campaign.

With no books, papers or tests in sight, students were graded based on their booth, materials and strategy, and professional representation of the team members.

"We're very impressed of course with the work that's being done here," said Barbara Chaffee, CEO of the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership and one of four judges from the Chamber. "I think there's a great use for a number of the projects that I've already looked at so far in the marketplace."

Whether representing arts and entertainment, sports or retail in our area, the student- marketers had the same message about supporting the local economy.

"I think it's important to let people know that they're here, they're active, and they're top notch," said Senior Joe Pudlick, who worked in the arts and entertainment division.

"There's a lot of us who aren't from around here and we've loved living here for the past three years," said his Senior classmate Lindsey Burke. "I think it's awesome to give back to where we've lived."

It's one thing to plan a marketing strategy on paper and turn it in for that final grade, but students are gave this hands on project an a plus, for the traditional school work plus the real world experience.

"This was taking an idea and actually bringing it to real life from step a to step z pretty much," said Burke. 

"Before today I never knew how to run a trade show," said Junior Chris Gaertner, "but after doing this whole entire ten week project now I feel competent enough to handle my own trade show."

"This time we actually get to implement it and go through all the processes of succeeding and sometimes coming up a little short, and figuring out what you need to so to fill in that gap," said Pudlick. 

Some of the companies the students represented included Relish, Fuhrman's Cider Mill, the Erie Playhouse and the Erie Zoo.

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