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Safety Concerns Limit Polling Choices

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One of the consequences of school violence is a rethinking of using schools for polling places.

More schools are taking steps to separate students from the voting public.

Administrators at the Erie Day School told election officers this year that the school could no longer be used for polling.

"It's an ongoing conversation for all of us in education," Administrator Karen Tyler told us. "whether or not we're willing to take risks."

The closing of Glenwood School is also reducing the number of polling choices. The Erie School District does allow buildings to be used as election sites, but Erie sends the students home for the day so that members of the public aren't in the building when students are.

"The students have that day off really for student safety and also for the convenience of the voters," spokesperson Matt Cummings said.

Other election staff say that America may have to re-think the voting process, moving to more on-line voting or absentee ballots.

For a list of polling sites, to check out any changes in your polling location, go to 

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