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WTVG Toledo Seeks Creative Services Videographer

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Creative Service Videographer

Job Summary:

The Creative Service Videographer is responsible for shooting local commercials, station promos, and public service announcements in conjunction with the overall creative team. Emphasis on creative shot composition, lighting & sound techniques, still photography and extensive knowledge of equipment is preferred. Position reports to Production Director and may receive projects from Director of Operations and Promotion Director.

Preferred Qualifications:

· A degree in Broadcast Communications; TV, Radio and Film; Visual Technology; or related field

· At least 2 years of industry or university-based experience

· Knowledge of various cameras and formats, including XDCAM, DSLR and GoPro

· Proficient with camera accessories (dolly, jib, stabilizer etc.)

· Desire to maintain a competency for new technologies

· Ability to be creative and innovative

· Ability to manage time and juggle multiple projects efficiently and effectively

Key Responsibilities

· Field/studio direction and videography, ensuring particular emphasis on shot composition, creative lighting and audio

· Strong understanding of camera techniques (time lapse, compound shots, bracketing, reveals, rack focus, etc.)

· Adapting video to script with direction from members of creative team

· Basic knowledge of post-production, editing, compositing and special effects

· Maintain a flexible schedule (may include night, weekend and breaking news shoots)

· Organizing, transcoding, encoding, uploading and archiving of media files

· Quality control of projects from concept to completion

· Basic maintenance and organization of department equipment

· Identifying new technologies, hardware, software and new techniques to remain on the leading edge of technology in video production

· Maintain professional relationships with clients, agencies, Account Executives and 13abc staff

· Responsible for all other duties, activities and responsibilities considered reasonable in terms of the scope and spirit of this job description. All other terms and conditions of employment with WTVG 13abc will be governed by the employee manual.

Please email wtvg.hr@13abc.com to submit your resume and reel for consideration.

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