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Week 10: A Bump in the Road

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The inevitable has happened: I've sustained my first training injury. I wish I could say I was doing some impressively daring move when it happened, but no, I was essentially not even moving.

I was holding a straight arm plank on an upside down half ball (refer to slideshow) when I shifted my weight a little and my shoulder popped out and quickly popped back in, with the pleasant feeling an sound of ripping and cracking. It was extremely painful when it happened, but I got ice on it right away which helped. It's still a little sore two days later but I don't think there's any damage. My only real fear is that my shoulder is weakened now and more susceptible to another injury, so I'm kind of nervous to get back to push-ups.

Luckily that little fiasco happened right at the end of my session so I still got my full hour of fun in with Lisa! Just a little bump in the road.

First off as you'll see in the slideshow, I was relieved of the weighted vest (alleluia!) but still rocked the shorts with some new gear; ankle and hand weights. Still much preferred to the vest. I think Lisa could tell I struggled with it and I don't exactly hide it!

I've talked about incorporating cardio and strength into your workout to simulate the race, and this week we did it at a new level. We started by doing weight circuits inside and then I would go out to the parking lot and do three laps back and forth, still wearing the weights of course. After every mile (which I think was two rounds of laps) I would do 30 step ups on a very high bench (visual in the slideshow). Small victory of the day: I was actually able to do them all at a good pace! After last weeks frustration Ill take anything I can get.

I had my first real taste of a tiny piece of the course with a sand crawl under a very low net and a crawl through a tube that will be used on race day. Lisa has warned me before that I need to protect my knees and elbows when crawling in the sand, but it didn't really hurt when I did it before. Well, now I understand. I think it may have been more grating because the sand was a little wet, but my knees and elbows are definitely scraped up. Its best to try to slink through using your feet and relying on glute and hamstring strength to keep your body low to the ground without touching your knees to that sand.

The tube was even harder to get through, I tried straight crawling (ouchie on the already cut up knees!) and then in a desperate attempt to save my knee caps I tried dragging myself through, but with nothing to grip it was a very slow process and I decided quick and painful was better than slow and awkward. I'm sure my fellow competitors on race day will appreciate if I scoot myself through as fast as possible!

I've still yet to do a proper sand run. Lisa keeps threatening to invite me to run with her but I'm kind of scared! I know I need to start though. I think ill do better if I don't put pressure on myself and start slowly with like 15 minutes. I guess that's my goal for this week, get my feet in the sand and just go. I encourage you to do the same!

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