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1929 Plane Coming to Erie

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A Ford Tri Motor plane will stopping in Erie on Monday. It's a plane that was first made in 1929, and has since been completely revamped.

The Ford Tri Motor was one of the first type of planes that was used to fly passengers.

President of the local Experimental Aircraft Association Mike Rinn tells us that this is a once in a lifetime look back at history.

"It's a very nice airplane. Again, it was all completely reconditioned and it's just one of those things you don't get a chance to do very often, to even see a Ford Tri Motor, let alone be bale to fly in a Ford Tri Motor."

When the plane lands in Erie, you'll actually have the chance to ride it. The first rides will start on Monday, July 1 from 2 until 5 PM. Rides will continue until  July 3.



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