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Week 13: Sugar Cookies Aren't so Sweet

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  A soft and sticky ball of sweetly scented dough, crafted into a perfect sphere in your palms and then rolled gently through sparkling white sugar until it's covered evenly in glistening crystals. A pleasant thought, isn't it? That's what I think  of when I think of a sugar cookie. 

The Beast dashed those lovely thoughts this week, when I became the dough, not so gently handled, and wet gritty sand became the sugar. 

"Sugar cookies" in the world of the Beast mean running into the lake, then diving into the sand and rolling/ crawling in it to your next task. 

I don't think I experienced "sugar cookies" to their fullest extent this week, but I got a taste- and it wasn't so sweet. 

This was my first session on the beaches of Presque Isle, the very site if the Beast. The plan going forward is to have all sessions here, to get used to being sandy and dirty and running with shoes full of water and sand.
I have to say I did notice how heavy my shoes felt after taking on some extra weight of muddy sand, so I see where working out with the weighted clothing comes in. It took a lot of extra effort to pick up my feet, which  made the  already difficult task of running in sand even more impossible. 

It was an eye opening hour for sure, showing me that I am in no way shape or form ready for this thing! It gave me a kick and told me that this is serious, and race day is only going to be harder And longer. 

As I ran up and down the sandy burms my legs ached and my lungs weren't too happy either. This is not something that normal flat ground running can prepare you for. Consider yourself warned!

I also had to accomplish that get carrying a log. Granted, it was a small log and relatively light (driftwood-y) but it added an extra burden as I ran through the water and up and down the hills. There may or may not be some kind of carrying involved in the Beast. 

By the end of our session I was soaked sandy and spent, but as always I felt a certain satisfaction that you can only get after a good workout that you know you put honest effort into. Check out the slideshow to see this weeks workout in action, and as always, more great faces! 


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