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Fireworks: Keep Your Celebration Safe

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It's the busiest time of year for Big Woodies Fireworks.

Thousands will flood the store, looking to amp up their independence day celebrations.

"We've been getting crazy spurts here and there and I think it's gonna get even crazier here in the next few days," said co-owner John M. Kaliszewski.

But thousands nation wide will also be sent to the emergency room, with firework-related injuries.

The fireworks on Big Woodies' shelves are all tested to meet national safety standards, but  that doesn't mean they can't hurt you.

"The vast majority of injuries that are from consumer fireworks really come from misuse or lack of proper adult supervision," said Kaliszewski. 

City Fire Inspector John Widomski said he's seen his share of firework injuries here in Erie.

"We've had, you know, burn injuries, whether just from burning the fingers or the clothes catch on fire for whatever reason, to fingers getting blown off, and that's very traumatic," said Widomski.

Make sure you light fireworks from a safe distance, and keep spectators away, at least 40 to 100 feet, depending on the size of the firework.

It's not just the big ones you need to worry about, though.

Kids all around the country will be playing with sparklers on the Fourth of July. They look relatively harmless, but a sparkler can get up to 1200 degrees; and that can quickly spark disaster in the hands of a child.

"Sparklers are actually one of the most common items that people get injured by because they assume that they're safe," said Kaliszewski. "Oftentimes it's even kids dropping them in the lawn and stepping on them with their feet, or touching them once they're done burning because they think that they're safe."

"When you're done make sure you douse them out in water or sand so that they don't have a chance of starting a fire," said Widomski, "because they do remain hot for a period of time after they go out."

Widomski's best piece of advice this Fourth of July?

"The main thing is go to the fireworks shows we have that are done by professionals," he said, "and that's probably the best way to do it."

For more fireworks safety tips, click here.

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