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Flags Vandalized and Stolen Throughout Area

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As the Fourth of July approaches, for one man, the holiday comes with a bit of concern.

Veteran Bob Boyd has once again placed thousands American flags around town.  This year, they've been placed on seven bridges.  Boyd has also placed them around the Harbor Creek High School and Central Tech football fields.

Despite his patriotic efforts, this past week, Boyd discovered that half of the flags on the Donald Oaks Bridge in Harborcreek were stolen.  At Central Tech, Boyd tells us that roughly 40 of the flags were snapped in half and thrown on the street.  According to Boyd, he also found one flag covered in spray paint.

Boyd tells us he's already replaced the damaged and missing flags.  But, the fact that someone would desecrate our symbol of freedom, comes with a sense of disappointment.

"It's discouraging because we're doing this for our veterans and our present troops, trying to show support, trying to build a little pride in our country," said Boyd.  "The thing of it is, the flags that we're putting up on the bridges stood over a veterans grave.  So they've been over a grave already."

If you see anyone messing with these flags, you are urged to call the police.

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