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Week 14 Waterlogged

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  I might have been in the water more than the sand this week. Even after just one session in the sand though, I'm starting to get used to feeling gritty, wet and bogged down by muddy sand. The first time I tried to stay as clean as possible but of course eventually had to give up that losing battle… and this week I was much more accepting of the inevitable messiness.

   I did a lot more dune/hill work this week on Beach 10, which has a nice, steep ridge if anyone is looking to give it a go. A major part of the practice included running into the water, then running back up (slightly uphill I might add) and lunging at the sand shelf in an attempt to climb it.

 The first and final parts of the ridge were easier, being shorter and having more places to secure your feet. The middle section, however, was incredibly difficult, made harder not only by the fact that it was higher and steeper, but also because the sand had a propensity toward giving out under my feet. Sometimes my best efforts to crawl up were fruitless.

 In some cases, Lisa lent a helping hand and hoisted me up to the top. This wasn't cheating though, since on race day it will definitely be a team effort! Strangers will be helping strangers get up, over and through the obstacles. This is very fortunate for my sake.

 Another theme came back this week- the idea of "figuring out what works and what doesn't" to get through an obstacle. As I tried to make my way up the hills, I ran, crawled, and even rolled to get to the top. It seems there's not a "right way" to do anything in the Beast, and Lisa suggested looking around during the race to see what other people are doing, and try different methods.

 We also did some basic sand and water running, and I really need to get my cardio up! Lisa wants me to try to run the whole course in August… at this point my legs are nowhere near ready for that. Check out the slideshow to see what else I did at the beach this week.

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