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$30,000 Worth Of Heroin Seized In Erie Drug Bust

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A big drug bust in the city of Erie this week.
Police say tens of thousands of dollars worth of heroin, is now off the streets.

It was a community tip that led police to investigate a home on Erie's west side.
And after a 2 month long investigation, two people are now behind bars.

Police got a heads up about suspicious drug activity at a home along west 11th street, near Cascade.
After a 2 month long undercover investigation, police served a search warrant on Tuesday.

Inside the home, police say they found an ounce of heroin worth about $10,000 dollars, a heroin packaging "work station" of drug paraphernalia, a fully loaded handgun, and more than $1,500 dollars cash.

They arrested, 31 year old Dona Cowans, originally from Detroit.

Also arrested, 32 year old Charles Johnson of Detroit.
Police pulled him over in a vehicle, as he left the home.

In the car, they seized two ounces of heroin with a street value of $20,000 dollars, and over $54-hundred dollars in cash.

In all, police say this was a considerable drug bust.

"Very significant. A lot of heroin involved in this. Like we said the street value is a lot, $30,000 this we be a lot heroin that's not going to make it to the streets. And hopefully we'll continue to curtail this type of activity," said Erie Police Chief Steve Franklin.

Erie's vice unit tell us that heroin has surpassed crack cocaine as the dominate drug in the city of Erie.
Over the past 5 years, they've seen it become the drug of choice in our area, "We're seeing a rise in the use of heroin again," said Franklin. "Some is good, some is bad. Good being the kind that kills you on a quick overdose. So we are seeing a rise in the amount of cases. Of course we're going to focus our efforts on trying to get this heroin off the streets before it takes more lives," Franklin added.


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