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Firefighters Gather to Say Goodbye to One of Their Own

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"Brian was a very caring individual," said James Allen, VP of Fuller House Fire Department. "Large heart, outstanding firefighter."

 "He wanted to do something for his community," said Dave Meehl, Chief of North East Fire Department. "You'd always see his equipment going out, and he'd hear the calls on the scanners. He just had the itch."

That's how members of the North East Fire Department are remembering 44-year-old Brian Trimble, who tragically died Thursday, after he was hit by car along Route 8 in Millcreek.

"It was shocking when we heard the new, kind of disbelief," said firefighter Bryan Davis. "When I heard about it, I just couldn't believe that this happened to a friend of mine." 

Davis trained Trimble. On Tuesday, he and fellow firefighters gathered to say good-bye. He said it's been difficult dealing with this loss, but being one, in a brotherhood, has been helping them cope.

"We're together to the end," said Davis. "And we're in some very dangerous situations, I know Brian would have my back and I'd have his back. That's what you do."

That brotherhood reaches past the North East Fire Department. Surrounding companies have extending their condolences.

"It's very comforting to know all the fellow fire departments from neighboring companies, that send their best regards to us and respects," said Meehl.

"Whether it's been Facebook or just phone calls telling us if we need anything, they'll be there for us all," said Allen.

And as hard as it may to go on without their brother, firefighters say the best way to keep Brian with them, is continue serving the community he loved.

"We take it one day at a time, but we march forward," said Allen. "Brian would not want us to stop. He'd want us to just keep going." 

Trimble's funeral is Wednesday morning at the First Baptist Church in North East.

Millcreek police said no charges have been filed in the accident.


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